Should there be a limit of 1 healer per team?

Should be a limit to amount of healers in a team. Its very annoying when you come across someone with 2 x healers, 1 x counter attack and 1 x share damage. There should be a rule that you MUST have at least 3 attack based heroes or can only have 1 healer per team.

Bad, very bad idea. No vote from me


No, Twenty times no to keep software happy!!

Ok well… Let me not be lazy… Its not because I love healers or against others ideas…
I can’t imagine, what would qualify as a healer, given your concern…
For example, minions can also take a lot of damage… and hence, if a hero is not a healer, but casts minions… Do they count as healer? (Very useful in bloody battle by the way :smiley: )

And so on…

If you cannot overcome such a team, it is highly likely that you still lacked the depth or heroes to counter most, if not all, enemy teams with heroes possessing those skills. Some players experienced enough love to battle defending enemy teams composed of mostly healers, while other players struggle with such kind of defense. Soon, you will be getting more heroes and able to max and emblem them. You’ll also be improving how to intelligently move tiles in your favor. It will be a walk in the park. But not too soon :upside_down_face:


What counts as healer?
No card says healer.


Seriously?! :woman_facepalming:

What?! In most cases 1 healer is plenty, but suggesting SG needs to specify what type of heros players should use… Baffled??!

If you are struggling with defeating multiple healer teams, perhaps you should ask for suggestions from forum users on team composition instead? This type of discussion might be more beneficial to you :thinking:.


Welcome to the game newbie :blush:

If u grow stronger in the future, u will be happy to see such a defense, because u can attack opponent team without worry they will attack u back.

Keep growing ur team, lil baby


or you can learn how to attack what you currently consider difficult teams.

Why? Unless the rules forbid the use of particular heroes, players are free to build their teams anyway they like. How about if someone else would come up with the idea that all teams should have at least 4 healers? Should we all listen to them?

By the way, as some vets mentioned above, a team with two healers a spirit link and a riposter is as easy a target as they come. More even, spirit link and riposte don’t mix together well.

I just love random threads. A better idea is the healer heals the other team and snipers shoot themselves like the gun is jammed with old church socks. On second thought I hate this idea. The game is fine from a functionality stand point. The prices can be reduced through.


Not a good idea, besides almost every hero that recovers HP also does something else, which sometimes is more important than healing itself. And how would you count hero such as Anzogh? Is he “attacker” or “healer”?

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So someone has put together a team that is annoying to face and you want to forbid it? They whole idea of the game is to put together a defensive team that is annoying to face, it’s called strategy. Learn, adapt, and overcome.


My current defence team currently consists of 3 Healer hitters who give backpacks and 1 healer resurrecting plus mana boost.
4 healers in total…:smile:

I haven’t been playing long so i don’t have the normal killer defence hero’s like Fin , GM , drakefong, jabber, killhare etc…
So i went the other way and made my team difficult to kill.

Its a tactic, you have to work with what you have… Coming up with good combinations is part of the game.
If you achieve that goal then i take my hat of to you.

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I belong to that group.:grin:

Attacking a defense team like you described is quite easy to beat. Just wait that all your heroes charge the mana and then fire them to the attack hero. Of you’ve got a lack of power, focus on one enemy.

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@VelvetyGrub Seems like you are on an Island with this request. I agree with all he others. We should not be limited in the choice of heroes we use other than in Tournaments that exclude certain elements.

The game allows users to put healers on our teams even in Bloody Battles or use heroes who’s Element is reflected by a Titan or in Challenge Events. We should have complete autonomy to use our heroes as we see fit. I’m considering using three Costumed Rigards in the upcoming 4-star Buff Boost Raid tourney with No Holy.

If you are struggling against teams that you describe, here are some thoughts - bring a dispeller for the Perfect Riposte, target their most damaging heroes first (if their attackers are dead, healing won’t help); caveat on this is if they have a resurrection hero, in which case you may want to take that one out first, if you have the depth considering mono-elemental attack teams (all the same Element) or at least 3-2 using the Element that is strong against their tank.

I’ve been in some losing battles against teams with multiple healers, but I’m generally more successful against them than other teams and the battles are generally more entertaining if they withstand my initial onslaught as it can go back and forth a bit without losing your heroes.

Good luck going forward.


Man, I’d LOVE to face teams like that every day.

Actually it shows a serious lack of understanding of the game mechanics.

A riposter that shares damage is a riposter who presents NO THREAT at all, and also with a single vanilla hero you can dispell those 2 buff easily

Also, if they have several healers it means you only need to worry about killing 1-2 heroes right away and then take your time with the rest of the team.

Melendor, Sabina, Caedmon, Sonya, or even Belith can get you though that team very easily.

Bring down a def downer and a couple of snipers and you’re done.

On the other side is the freedom of using any hero you want/have for a particular purpose, what if the guy made his/her team like that because he/she doen’t have enough attackers?

Bad, idea, not gonna happen.


I find the more healers on the defense the easier it is to beat. Healers can’t really hurt you much.

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I’m guessing he means facing healer in war and field air is on too. That could be a long war is you choose the wrong heroes.

Healers don’t fight back. It’s easier to defeat a team with multiple healers then a team with one.

Plz, I have faced teams with five healers and won, the are not invincible, just attack one at the time… annoying though.

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