Should there be a limit in number of individual posts in a discussion thread?

Reading some of the threads about you-know-who and you-know-what it is obvious that several people are just posting their same views over and over and over…

Is it time to think about an individual limit in a discussion thread? (After all, we are limited in the number of likes in a day)
It could either be number of posts, which could be quite high because there sometimes is legitimate and informative back and forth between people or a time out for a thread for a while

Note I have said discussion thread… such a suggestion if implemented would destroy the counting/category/ and other similar entertainment threads unless they were exempt


Good idea. I was also thinking that people who get posts that are flagged for rudeness / swearing / insults to other players should also get a temporary ban. May be for 2 - 3 days? This would encourage more friendly behaviour and make the mods job easier…

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My opinion: NO! Not an automatic counter.
If someone does advance his opinion to strong, mods should give them an advice to be honest.

And as you mentioned the like-Button : I also regret that there isn’t an UNlike-Button…

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It is not a matter of too strong, it is too often. When it is the same point made literally dozens of times, sometimes even with cut/paste Identical wording It is almost spamming. I certainly don’t want to limit strong views in any way

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Eh, probably not. Freedom of speech and whatnot.

I’ve found it to be a total waste of my time to post in or even read those threads in the first place. I can’t post an honest opinion of my own there without being attacked by a mob from one side or the other. Nor can I post any jokes there to try to lighten the mood because they’re all too angry to laugh at anything. This is just one of those situations where I have to hold back and let the other warring factions destroy each other, wait and see who (if anyone) survives the carnage. :man_shrugging:

Anywho… how’s everyone else doing lately? Got any cool new costumed heroes? :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s the mindless repetition that gets me…talks to self… must breathe calmly and deeply.
And not really… Kash and a couple of 3* I had already eaten. Well…always next month

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What really turned me off was when I went in and posted a couple of what I thought were relatively calm, neutral, perfectly rational opinions (along with a couple of silly jokes), only to be barraged with insults.

“That’s the dumbest thing I ever read”

“You must work for SG”

“You’re using logical fallacies”

“Come back when you have an actual argument that makes sense”

Okay then. All I did was literally quote the game’s ToS and inform people that, as unfair as they might think the situation is, they don’t actually have any legal grounds for a lawsuit demanding compensation. But apparently I’m the idiot. :roll_eyes: Whatever, let them call their lawyers. Their lawyers will tell them the exact same thing I already did. Not my problem.

Ah, I didn’t get a Kash. Costumed Kash any good?


Haven’t really thought it through… health is done differently

I partly agree with what you are saying to some extent. But I also believe in freedom of speech.
What I did find annoying was that the same people tried to shout loudest and kept repeating themselves over and over again, every time someone had a different view/opinion.
What also worries me is that only a small proportion of players have a voice in the forum. Lots of players don’t come in here.
So yes I think it would be ok to warn people not to repeat messages or open up new threads about the same thing.
But more importantly- how will SG gage customer satisfaction for the “majority” of its customers

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I agree with the spirit with which this post was made, but no there shouldn’t be a limit.

There are personal mute options and mute thread options that will have to suffice.
I don’t agree with irrational, emotion laden tirades but that’s what the forum is designed for, an outlet to express your ideas, tips, strategies, etc. for the well-being of the game.

The issue or what’s been frustrating is that most people struggle with objectivity or being slighted even in the tiniest manners.

I just think of the scenario of getting cut-off in traffic. I get angry and unleash a verbal lashing in my car of expletives, but really why am I mad? Because the offending driver put my safety in jeopardy? Because the offending party is assuming their time and arrival to their destination outweighs the importance of my own time? Once I play out/ask myself why I just got angry, I take a deep breath, reset and then proceed. Hopefully one day I can get directly to the peace without blathering expletives at someone.

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I think not. At all.
There are several tools to manage things like this. You can mute some users, community can flag posts if inappropriate, mods can delete posts and ban users. And lastly you can always avoid reading threads you know you’re not going to like.
If people has a lot to say (whether you like it or not) there is no reason to silence them, as long as no rule is broken.

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@zephyr1 or @Guvnor… can you close this please? I have vented and got it out of my system :smile:

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Sure, no problem :slight_smile:


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