Should there be a hero who can mimic other enemies' special skills? (Edit: Lord Loki is coming)

Well, first thing first, this hero would be terrible on normal map stages.

But when you bring this hero to raid, it can be useful, especially targetting a team which has better heroes then you. Imagine copying Word of the Queen by Guinevere but in fast mana or revival abilities from Alberich or Mother North.

So, what are your opinions?

I actually thought the Guardian Chameleon would do something like this when I first heard of him. It could be really interesting. I think it would be OP with Mana changed speed though.

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They kind of did this with Hatter stealing buffs, which I think include things like dodge specials and riposte. Not exactly the same, but it’s a way around the unwanted nuking possibilities of switching mana speeds.


Loki is in Beta now…

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You are a regular, do you think editing the title is useful to keep users wasting forum votes?

Or just wait until Lord Loki released and topic closed?

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