Should the Mana speed of some older heroes be increased?

In comparison to the new heroes like Vela, Odin, the Ninjas and many others, a lot of older heroes are to slow. Elena, Azlar, Yunan and a couple of other slow or very slow heroes could be brought back into the game when making them faster.

This would not mean, that these heroes are overpowered but better fit the new. Especially no-cash gamer would benefit from this.

Even though I do not believe this will happen, because this is not a way to make more money , I thought it should be discussed at least.

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I really hope not.

One thing that is interesting about hero is their difference in mana gain and how strategically use it in battle, expecially now with wars/tournaments.

Having a bunch of or at best average heroes would kill part of the fun for me.

I welcome any other buff eventually, but leave mana options wide.


those S1 hero’s now all have costumes. when that costume also has a emblem track that is not being used. Well if they allow a second set of emblems on the costume, it may make S1 more relevant in light of eat power creep

They use mana speed as a way to make paywall heroes more attractive. Otherwise damage would actually be relative to speed.

Instead we have v fast and fast heroes that hit as hard, or harder, as slow S1 heroes.


More than three years into the game, I doubt they’ll adjust mana speeds at this point, but I agree with you several slower heroes need a bit of TLC from the developers in order to maintain their relevance. (As you elude, with the long odds for drawing a legendary hero, a F2P or particularly frugal C2P player can go six months or a year before drawing their first legendary. When they finally do, you don’t want that player to feel ripped off and unlucky—you want them to feel excited and ecstatic to level up that hero and invest even more energy to the game.) Many of the older heroes could use a bit of rebalancing, I feel, to keep things on a more even keel.

One thing that would help balance out slower mana heroes is to just lower the attack power of everything in the game (at least for PvP battles), so that all attacks do about 10-20% less damage. Battles would run a little longer, slower mana heroes will have a greater likelihood of actually firing and contributing to the combat, and the feeling of matches being entirely decided by chance—by the opening board and the first 2-3 tile moves—would be greatly diminished.

Edit: As I point out in the post below, this lowering of attack power need not show up on or affect the displayed attack power of hero cards. It could be done under the hood, so to speak, so that hero cards and stats are unaffected.



20 fast Leo’s.

The first is Isarnia with costume, second is Frigg. The basics are pretty comparable.
The specialty is almost the same (Damage und Defdown).
BUT Isarnia is slow, Frigg fast. That means Usarnia has no meaning for the game (except fast wars or tournaments).

The question to me is, why must the new almost all be fast? Odin, Frigg, Vela and so on…


Not all heroes have to be equal - in fact, they shouldn’t.

However saying that, this comparison is not as one sided as you believe. A guaranteed -44% defence down is a long, long way away from Frigg’s average defence down (in the ball park of 25-30%). Isarnia’s attack is also more than 100 higher than Frigg’s so her special will hit quite a bit harder. If you look at it objectively:
Regular raids: Frigg
PVE: Could go either way, depemding
Titans: Isarnia
Rush wars/tournies: Isarnia
Regular wars/tournies: Frigg

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But if Isarnia is so good, why has no one Isarnia in defence team, but a lot of people have Frigg?


She’s not a defense team hero. Her defense is too low.

There’s your answer. Why would Small Giant, as profit-driven company like any other, invest time, effort and money to recode their program to make slow mana-generating hero to average or fast mana generating hero when they can be freely obtained by the players from the training camps?

To the devs, they may make some players HAPPY, but certainly left their bosses ANGRY as they are bleeding MONEY without getting ANY. Really !!

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You are absolutely right.

It’s £*<%ing hilarious to watch people try to argue that Isarnia and Frigg are equally useful—and that this kind of imbalance is actually totally fine for the longterm health of the game.

They are not, and it is not, and SG is teetering on the precipice with some of its more recent, cash-grabbing efforts.


The game is screaming for a balance, yes. But speeding up every hero isn’t the solution.

My tip is: don’t worry about it, spend your thoughts on somewhere else. They will keep releasing crazy heroes so people can spend while chasing them. Balancing the game means less profit = it won’t happen.


@Elpis hit the nail on the head.

Rather than make modes which
eliminate speed to give slow heroes occasional value.
Rather than increase speed of the obsolete.

As they fall behind,
Balance their skill strength.
Make the skill worthy of being called slow! And, Very slow…


Absolutely. Some heroes have such poor man’s speeds for what they can do, I’m surprised that they still have yet to be touched.

G. Owl
Boss Wolf
Red Hood


The costume of the S1 heroes makes them faster and look at Bertila, she is also slow!

You think Grimble’s skill is not a match for his speed? What is your reasoning for this?

You will find a decent number of Isarnia’s (both costume and original) flanking in defence, but at lower to mid diamond. Frigg floats to the top of diamond.

a) Frigg is a better defense hero than Isarnia - fast speed, more survivable
b) Often those who have Frigg are the heavier spenders who have other good heroes, so they will naturally be placing higher in raid cups

Overall I don’t think there is denying that Frigg is a better hero. But as I said she is not a better hero in all game modes, and I think the difference in the heroes (referring here to the costume, which was the original topic) are reasonable given S3 heroes should be the cream of the crop.

Not one person has said that. I personally said there are game modes where Isarnia is more useful than Frigg - namely titans, rush tournies, and in some cases PVE. And by the way the original reference was to costume Isarnia, not original Isarnia.

Overall Frigg is a better hero. I am not really seeing how this is unhealthy for the game? Do you want all heroes to be at the exact same level of usefullness? That is not even possible as certain aspects of heroes are very subjective and dependent on playstyles, rosters, etc.

You start off by disagreeing with the assertion that Frigg and Isarnia are grossly unequal and state that the two are “not as far apart as you think.” Then you go on to compare the two:

And as you seem to lay it out, by my measure, that’s roughly two categories to two categories, with one, according to you, being a wash. All of which sure makes it seem like you think they’re awful close in usefulness.

However, your analysis is grossly misleading. You admit that Frigg is better in raids. Then you pretend as if they’re equally useful on map, quest, and event stages—they are not. The only PVE stages you’d take Isarnia over Frigg are in the Riddles of Wonderland (where green damage is reflected). Just about everywhere else where there is a balance of colored tiles, you’d be smarter to take Frigg. You rank Isarnia better against titans than Frigg, but this isn’t true either. Isarnia is better against red titans, but Frigg is better against blues. (You wouldn’t want to take either against any other colored titan.) So titans is actually a wash. Lastly, you list “rush wars and tournaments” and “regular wars and tournaments,” suggesting at least graphically that they’re both of equal weight. They’re not. Rush tournaments are 1/3 of the overall tournaments. So Isarnia will be useful there 1/3 of the time as compared to Frigg. Rush wars are 1/6 of the overall wars. In attack boosted, field aid, arrow attack, equalizer, and horde wars, Frigg is indisputably better than Isarnia.

Their value in raids, wars, tournaments, and map stages all grossly tilt in Frigg’s favor. The only place they’re roughly equal is against titans. (Though even against titans, Frigg is particularly unique, being the only defense-down green hero, whereas there are other blues who can approach Isarnia’s usefulness, albeit not as well.)

Now all of this is not to say that I think they should be equal, or equally useful—I’d just like to see a bit more equity. It’d be nice if heroes felt useful at least somewhere meaningful in the game.

The game’s power creep has skewed the game’s balance, and these newer heroes and features are making parts of the game feel obsolete, as the OP rightly pointed out.


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