Should TC20 give chance at HOTM?

In order to expand the chances for the hotm, should the tc20 also give a chance at an extra draw of the hotm? Or maybe TC21 could cost more and take longer but give a chance for hotms?

Most probably there won’t be any changes introduced to TC20, however the upcoming Hero Academy might or might not have chance for HOTM.

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I’d rather see S2 heroes get incorporated into TC at some point. Maybe when Season 3 is announced.


Maybe they start to add some old HotMs to TC20 after the first complete recycle tour through Atlantis rises.

A saying says hope dies last, but probably it will… :wink:


not even HOTM, just give more chances for 5* please. Restrict the 3* in the rare. Make TC20 for 4* or 5* ONLY.

Not optimistic for any changes. SG makes money by having players chase for the top of the line 5* killers. Having tc20 drop lots of 3* feeders and only common 4 and 5* heros fattens their bank account.

They may claim RNG controls the game to keep it balanced and need a lot of junk[3*] BUT MONEY IS THE MOTIVATING FACTOR. One need only look at the proposed gem costs AND lottery odds to get anything of value from the new buildings coming on line.

And finally the Players who got in at the beginning got huge amounts of good stuff to build theur teams while SG slowly but surely degrades the possibility of good stuff by expanding the amount of crap endlessly, players are likely to get.

Yes, there are more ways to get good stuff but they have been devalued by the endless supply of crap.

We definitely need some way to have better chances at the HotM. I’m at 102 pulls for Seshat, and have nothing to show for it. When I still don’t have her at the end of the month, my wallet is closed for good.

Instead of spending every month because I enjoy the game, the devs and their shortsighted business model get nothing more from me.