Should Snow White jump to the front of my queue?

Looking for some advice on my next blue ascension.

I’d earmarked Alasie as the next hero to be ascended, but then pulled snow white in grim forest last week.

Snow white seems very unique, compared to Alasie that is similar to Magni/King Arthur. However I know the general consensus on Alasie is that she is a top tier hero.

What do I go for?


Snow White is a dispeller and cleanser rolled in one. She is slow, but she can hit all enemies for devastating power if set up correctly. This is actually pretty easy to do too. In your roster I see an easy setup combo with Vela + Ariel + Snow White – she will dispel and cleanse 15 total buffs+ailments, hitting all enemies for about the same damage Marjana does on 1.

But, she is slow. So you have to get 12 tiles to charge her and not every player likes that. I’d say it depends on whether you’re ok using slow (non-costume boosted) heroes on offense.

My gut tells me to do Alasie. She’s a strong and reliable sniper, I see no real drawbacks with her myself.


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