Should Season 2 World Energy costs be reduced?

Should Season 2 energy costs be reduced now with the upcoming release of Season 3?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes. The energy costs are absurd for the loot you get.

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I’m kind of scared to see what the energy costs will be for season three…

Season 3: Province 1 - 30 flags for one stage… LOL. Must wait 15 hours or buy a refill flask before you can progress to stage 2.

Hey, no problem, I don’t mind waiting 3 days to fill a monster chest. :grin:

Get yourself a decent stack of loot tickets and you’ll be spending less than 5 minutes a day playing the game.



Does this mean that everyone who completed S2 at full energy cost should be refunded the disparity in WE flasks?

Or how about Season 1? Now that there has been both a Season 2 and now Season 3, should that all be modified also?


Season 3 energy costs are the same as that of Season 2 (Essentially)


Costs in Beta were 6 flags for the first couple provinces (10 flags for Hard difficulty stages) got ninja’d by Guv :stuck_out_tongue:

But there are more stages than Season 2, so they’ll probably get higher eventually.


Ah okay. Did not know they had already made that official. Good to know.

It’s a slow burn. Although I understand it wouldn’t be fair for those that have already completed the season, perhaps costs could remain the same (save for when Atlantis rises) and a flask could be rewarded with each province completion in Hard mode.

When gems go on sale for reduced prices is it unfair to those who bought gems at full price?

Costs, energy wise, gem wise, or cash wise are bound to change overtime in a game.


Well I heard the cost of Season 3 is same as the cost of Season 2.
But probably I also hope they cut a bit of the energy cost when it comes to the event (like when atlantis gate open, the energy cost is getting cut a bit)

In my honest opinion, S3 costs should be the same as the existing S2 costs.
But it would be good to have some extra periods (say every month) like Atlantis where S2 costs are reduced for a few days.
That would help greatly and shouldn’t upset too many people who have already completed both S1 and S2.

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That’s a really useful poll bro.

  • Should taxes be reduced?
  • Is world peace something good?
  • Is @zephyr1 a bot?

We all already know the answers, what you’ll expect from this?

A general “No”?
Obviously if we have to choose, the answer is yes.

Should be masochist to say no.


Season 2 will have the loot better than season 3 when both on.
@DaveCozy @JGE @Guvnor
Or anyone else was S2 loot given the bonus after all of S2 had been open to play all of the stages?

Well I would have voted no if it had been too game breaking but we aren’t discussing numbers here. As it is many prefer to play season 1 and I prefer that you get rewarded the further you get in a game. Reducing 1-2 energy per stage would be rather reasonable to me.

And I would vote no on reduced taxes. I like my health care, educational system and other things that the taxes go to. I would vote yes for slightly increased taxes since the health care and public schools have been under a bit of stress lately.


We are pretty much on the same line here, but let’s be real: even if 99% people would vote for a yes (totally possible) there’s little chance it will implemented since Atlantis rises is a huge deal for Small Giant.

If anything, since harvester works only on season 1 stages, i would like a Karemdol rises (as it was proposed) with double loot for a limited time (not the same time frame of Atlantis please).

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I voted no, under the caveat that Atlantis Rising continues. If AR is going to continue, just work your AR levels during that time and focus on Season Three or standard farming otherwise.

Otherwise I think AR would basically just get replaced, and I enjoy that event as it is.

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Yes. I think that’s a very good idea


Absoulutly! With season 3 coming soon it should be reduced to a resonable flag cost. My thinking is that it should be at least be 3 to 5 flags. Just my little tidbit

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No! except if they give us WE flask for everything I run in Season 2 before.

This was pretty much my initial thought.
We had to go through the annoying grind of completing with the energy cost it is now, so why should everyone else get it easier?

In fact I think it was better this way as ti allowed for me to grow my roster and make the grind easier.

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