Should Pseudo Randomisation be included?

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Recenly, I’ve felt dissapointed with the game after a numberous of times I didn’t get anything on the percentage basis. Even leveling up the skills of the heroes, with decent chance from 20-30%, I haven’t got even once. Pulled 6 times from Atlantis, I did maths, with above 80% chance to summon level 4 hero, again nothing.

Why isn’t there Pseudo Random Distribution to solve this problem? It can happen to me or to some other player basically every time. I though there was some problem with my account so I wrote to support, but the guy assured me that I was only unlucky and that summoning hereos or leveling up the magic is not certain.

Take as an example game like Dota2, if there wasn’t Pseudo Random Distribution, the game would be much more luck oriented that it is. That’s enough from me.

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Maks Boskovic

Welcome @CaptainEsid :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean by pseudo random distribution?

Hang in there. The reward is that much more satisfying when the odds are low.

As for the skill level, don’t worry. Since last year, if you top your hero and your skill isn’t 8/8, you can still feed him heroes that doubles the chances of leveling up. It goes pretty fast that way, you’ll see.

Best of luck to you.

I guess he is talking about as example a token system which is used in a log of mmo, where u gather token next to ur “attempts”, as example if u want to loot sthg which has a 1% chance, u get a token for every attempt. Even if ure unlucky and didn’t get it after the 500th time, u can buy the item u are wishing for for 500 token then. This is ony way to limit the randomness of the attempts and especially the problem with some really bad luck ers, which try and try and don’t get what they long for.

Another option would be a second script, which grants u a 4* hero, if u got as example 15 or 20 times only a 3* hero. Or grants u a 5* hero, if u didn’t get one within 50 attempts. I know of some games which use that mechanic as well.

I just don’t see it for the hero leveling. The thread opener always has the choice to just wait until he gets a 100% for the special attack level up, nobody forces him to try his luck with 20 or 30%.

@JimP Hi JimP, I understand that it will be easy, I am just concerned about how the odds never went in my favor.
@Olmor Thanks, you are right, I didn’t explain what Pseudo Random Distribution is. So for example if you have 20% chance for some event to happen, by pseudo random distribution, for example first time you try it would be 10%, next time 20%, after it 25% or so, each time increasing the odds if previous time it didn’t trigger. And so in many samples, you’ll have 20% chance, that is called pseudo random distribution. It is done to decrease the luck factor and to increase needed skill for something. Is my explanation clear, I will try again if I didn’t explain good :slight_smile:

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Ah okay, get it. Something similar was suggested multiple times. Maybe take a look into that one:

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@Olmor Thanks for letting me know. Yes, this is the idea that has simmilar effect, this guy is totaly right, I would be much more glad to spend on the game if my chances increased. I felt so frustrated after all this, that I said if I don’t leave the game, I won’t give a peny on it anymore. Because I was unlucky way too much times. I am sure this happened to many other players.

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This is also a similar idea.

Please continue the debate on existing threads :slightly_smiling_face:

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