Should PoV Underwild coins be "Re-Balanced" to Dunes Coins !?

Since SG re-balances things so quickly, as & when they want, can they “Re-Balance” the Underwild coins of current PoV to Dunes Coins…?!

While, this can be tricky, as some players might have already redeemed their UW coins…by clearing the PoV levels…

  • Since all players can’t have it, even ONE player won’t be allowed …logic applies…
    What’s the harm in suggesting :smiley:

What say = Yea or Nay !?

  • Any other ideas are also welcome!

It would be best to “rebalance” the PoV by adding “Jolly” tokens wich could be exchanged for other portals currencies.

At least they did well by removing maps farming tools.


Can we ask for an EP crypto mine to mint summons coins? Using iron to manufacture those coins. Say 1 week for 10 coins. 10 weeks for 1 free summons.

Or we can use that crypto mine to convert coins to another type ?

Convert 1 regular mine to a crypto mine.

This way, no need to rebalance those S4 coins to S5.

I agree with @FraVit93. Have a “currency” that can be used in any portal
Now that really would be QOL
Fingers crossed


Well, GEMs can be used across the whole game …
if SG could simply offer / build a way to convert all types of coins into gems, which can be used across the whole game… that would simply solve all the “OUT-DATED” coins problems
One would have choice about where to use the coins… Instead of :

  • Being forced to use the coins, even though there is not need of any hero from the outdated portals…for a specific player !

Of course, there can be some % discounted as a fee for this process !

GEMs Exchange is need of the moment for player QoL !

SGG prefers that we all do gem pulls.

20 yeas yeas yeas yeas yeas +15

Leave the coins alone. It’s fine. They’ll change it next PoV anyway, for sure.

I’m happy to use the coins even if I’m not that interested in what’s in the portal, in months where I haven’t yet got the HOTM in the more appealing portals. I wouldn’t want to use gems in that case. And food is always useful.