Should Poseidon block Malosi's status ailment?

Not exactly a bug but I do take issue with Malosi’s status effect sabotage going through Poseidon’s SS shield. I don’t think I’m splitting hairs here but I do think Poseidon’s protection should extend to cover Malosi’s SS. This screen cap is from a war hit where Poseidon’s immunity was up but Malosi’s status ailment got applied anyway. It seems to me that if Poseidon ensures that a hero can use their SS, then that ability should actually work and not simply empty the mana pool.

Poseidon’s special doesn’t cast status effects on the enemies. So he has the icon from Malosi but it won’t do anything.

Edit… forgot about the on allies part. Seems like a bug to me

Correct me if I’m wrong @Guvnor @PeachyKeen @ThePirateKing

I think it is working as intended. It is not targeted at mana or anything, it is a blanket effect. Semantic really, much like the well chronicled “REMOVAL” of indispellable effects.


Much like the word “IMMUNITY” means the subject shall not be affected by said effect.

Yea. Feels like this is one of those loopholes.

I think it is working as intended because Malosi TECHNICALLY doesn’t block the casting of the special skill…

The hero under the effect of Mallosi’s effect technically still charge their mana & fire the special skill per usual… Hence how the damage and healing and minions still get applied… Malosi kinda blocks the effect AFTER the special skill has been cast & prevents buffs/ailments from sticking.


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