Should missed tiles caused by blindness still generate mana?

3 missed tiles due to blindness and it still charged up drake and danz. Should it be doing this for missed tiles?


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I don’t understand what’s happening here. Is the amount of mana you gained what you’d have gained if the tiles had NOT missed? Or did you gain the amount of mana you’d have gotten if the tiles had been ghosted?

In my opinion, yes.

Blind is already a powerful ability. You get the bonus in this situation of not suffering the damage. So if they also didn’t get ANY mana, that ability would be far too powerful.

So in my opinion from a game balance perspective it needs to be that way.

I think if ghosted tiles generate a lot of mana, logically it might make sense to think that MISSED tiles would generate the same amount of mana. But that’s a nerf to Blind… so I think as is is appropriate. Personally :slight_smile:


I guess my question is should Mana be gained on missed tiles. I guess it should either way.

Yes, it should still charge: every matched tile should always give mana.


Yea I think it should give mana even if you miss. Otherwise blind would be too strong of a status.


I think there are two ways of looking at this, and both ways say that tiles that miss due to blindness should generate mana.

The proof point in my mind if that ghosted tile, tiles which miss by definition, generate mana.

The two ways to look at this:

  1. Gameplay

We should hope that the devs created a constant framework for mana generation. Ie: either mana generation is tied to damage, or it is tied to just matching tiles. Because of the effects of full and partial ghosting it seems clear that they intended the match to be the generation method.

  1. Game Justification

If mana was generated based on the pain and suffering of the enemy, I would expect mana generation to scale with the amount of damage done. It doesn’t .

If mana generation was based on the faith and loyalty of our troops rushing into battle (which matches are supposed to represent), then we would see it based on the number of troops running headlong into the fray. This seems to be what happens.


however, Justice is not under blindness therefore a minimum of damned to do so.

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