Should minions gain from overhealing

Just a thought. If I fire guilli and bera gets over healed. The minions should have more heath cos it’s a percentage of the casters health

Applying the same logic, Bera’s minions should have less health if she summons them with less than full health, don’t you think?


It’s always from the base health, what it says on the card with troops and emblems included.
It doesn’t work with overheal, the same way it doesn’t work with Atk+ for minions. The damage is still the same.

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Yup. I agreeeeeeeeee

It says nothing about base health on the card

I know.

I didn’t meant it says on the card that minions only gain hp from base health.
I meant its from the base hp written on the card outside of battle without anything + HP from troops + HP from emblems.

And have a :poop: ton of attack when the caster would have attack buffs :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know how it works. I just think if bera gave me a minion I’d be thinking ‘this minion is a bit light your hp is over 2000 and 20percent of 2000 is way more than 305’.then I’d get on to trading standards and I’ll have an attack boost on it too thank you very much

Surely you’d be inversely impressed when she’s at 10 HP and summons proportionally reduced minions for the rest of your team, no?

That would be a downside but it’s just how it reads to me

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I think the vast majority of times minions are summoned is when a hero has reduced HP than over-healed HP.

I think the minion stats being variable, dependent on real-time stat levels of the caster is not a good idea at all.

I get what you mean, but it would be a seriously detrimental downside.

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I’m not disagreeingg

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