Should it be or not to be oh, that is my question

Should say keep on adding things to this game or should they just leave it alone? It seems to me like all the things they’ve added over the years just keeps on wrecking the game? I know we would all take a hit but I would kind of like them just to reset the game back do when we didn’t have all these fancy emblems and everything, kind of seems like to me that it’s just making it all worse and to try and make it better they just seem to give on adding more crap

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Imo, they could have paced it slower. There are too many influx of new heroes that I don’t even remember their name. The calendar is also being overloaded with events, it is like a job instead of a game. Worse of all is non-S1 costume that require the owner of the heroes to summon for the same hero again.

Instead of pushing 3 years worth of events into a year, they should have improve more QoL.


My view is yes they should keep introducing new stuff into the game and yes they should continue to update/refresh the older stuff.
Otherwise players will become bored and the game will become stale.
That said I think the pace should be slower, with a little bit less power creep. And above all more consideration given to QOL and less of a cash grab


Depends on what is meant by ‘things’.

Game events was already fairly busy (completely subjective, of course), and adding more without rethinking the schedule of rotation is silly. I’ve already skipped Ninja tower as a result - it’s a challenge but not a fun challenge for me.

New characters was always a thing since they decided to do the Hero of the Month. Plus those from other sources like events and seasons.

Things like limit breakers… seen the raising of level caps in other games. It doesn’t have to be game breaking but we’ll find out soon. I still fear, not so much the raising of the level cap, but SGG’s indifference to game balance.

Should they add ‘things’ to the game? Yes, if managed well.


when we do map stages s4 its clearly mentioned “the story continues” , i think they will not stop…

They said on Q&A that they already working on season 5.


… and that it would come out next year. basically they said they would release one new season per year… much too fast in my opinion… barely any breathing room in between…


Ah yes back in the golden era when this game was known as candy crush. Good times.

Yes please add more things. It helps keep things new. I would get bored pretty quickly if there want anything new.

All the things ruins the game? Totally disagree, I’d rather have too much to do than boring stagnation.

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I am all for new things, but surely somewhere they can let some old things go, create one event “golden era” that cycles through events that was monthly or regularly (TOL) that they can still create a portal for old heroes people still want. And free space for new events
An example can be with towers, run one for a year then throw it into the golden era with old monthly events and like the HOTM in atlantis they would feature less frequently as time goes on. And then a new tower comes in etc

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