Should I....?

I finally made it… now have the items to bring a Blue, a Red and almost also a Green Hero (5*) to the last tier.

BUT, so far I haven’t (in my opinion) had so much luck in pulling the Heros - 0 Fast Heros :frowning:

So I now have the following heroes to choose from and I’m not sure if I should wait any longer (takes ages to get items together again) or if I can get a good team together with these heroes…

Blue: Isarnia, Thorn, Richard
Red: Azlar
Green: Elkanen, Horhall

My Roster: Delilah (maxed) and all regular 4*

The thought of a “Wombo Combo” by 3 AOE Heros would be nice, but I think it happens 1 out of 100 times :smiley:

How do you guys think of that? Is that possible? Actually I don’t want to wait for other heroes for months, but I don’t want to waste the items either… :frowning:

Out of the list I like Isarnia going to the max.

Azlar would be another choice as he is a pain but with the items being so scarce I am not sure if it is worth it.

What 4* do you have with Delilah? That could be some good information as some 4* would be considered before some of the list you mentioned besides Isarnia imo.

Yes… and Horghall could be a nice tank… but I think it isn_t a good idea to go for 3 slow heros in a team?

My Team depends on the situation, but I usually use: (all maxed)

Li Xiu

I would say Isarnia to 80 for sure.

I think you’ll use BT over Azlar a lot. I would leave Azlar at 70 for now. I would probably hold on the green ones as well.

I am sure someone else may chime in with good info as well. I do not have all these heros, just going off my experience against them and the fact the mats are very difficult to get.


Yeah, thats it, and thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem, I have Isarnia almost to 70 although I do not have the mats I think she will still be useful.

I have Natalya at 2/60, Richard (unleveled), Horghall (1/26), Joon (3/70, missing 1 dart), and Obakan (2-1) as my 5 stars.

So I will be asking myself the same questions soon I am sure although I have less 4* maxed than you do and have a long line waiting to be leveled.

Good luck.

July is right around the corner with a good green hero. I’d hold off in the hopes of getting him.


Yeah, that would be nice… but as I’m a (actually :wink: ) a ftp player, the chances are very low :frowning:

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