Should I wait for better 5s to use materials on?

Here is my top line up and the current 5s I have. I have 12 telescopes, 6 tabbards , 6 rings and 9 darts but don’t even have another 5s yellow. Would you guys wait for hopes of Atlantis 5s or s3 heros before ascending the current 5s I have.

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Based on this new upcoming event I just read that’s being created

I would suggest having duplicate 5* wouldn’t hurt at all and now would be great time to start building those up.

Hope this helps you decide.

Hmm wonder what that means

Isarnia is well worth scopes imo. She was my first maxed 5* so I am bias but she also has the best def down in the game imo and has insane tile damage. Personally for purples, I would wait and maybe see if you get lucky in May with Clarissa. She will be awesome and provided you do some summons you have a chance for her. You’ve got two awesome greens in Telly and Zeline to max. For the rings I would be patient and see if a better red comes along.


It’s setup like wars where you can only use your heroes once and this goes for 10 rounds thus 50 heroes required, so having duplicate 5 stars would be an advantage over all.

But as to your mats I would go Azlar, Quintus and Isarnia as they are worthy heroes.

Okay I’ll drop them on her. I’m just over slow heros. Justice was my first and j barely use her now lol. Yeah telluria is going to be beast mode once I get the tonics. I like domitia, but think I’ll hold off. I’m not doing quintus or obakan

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Oh that’s awesome. Thanks

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He is a wasted hero IMO, has no oomph in him at all but Quintus is quite a great hero and does well in defense also.

Isarnia is slow and I limit her to stacks only but she does have her uses.

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Isarnia is good and since you have 12 scopes, you may as well ascend her. Mine was first 5* I got and she is currently parked at 3/70 (along with 5 other Isarnias at 1/1, lol, where is that friggin’ HA?) but that’s because Magni, Miki and Vela took priority for scopes and I have costume on Vivica so she can substitute her defense debuff. But otherwise she is a good option. And if you get lucky and get her costume, she’ll become a beast.

Domitia is okay, one of few S1 dispellers. I have two Obakans and spare tabards but ehh, no. Azlar may be worth the rings and he has costume coming too.

Isarnia (with costume bonus and emblems) if currently one of my most used blue heroes. She goes raiding against red tanks or flanks even more often than Vela and Master Lepus.

I’m not taking emblems off my starting sartana for someone who would be on the bench. No costume either

Athena says hi! And she’s average mana!

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Lol, yeah Athena would be awesome but alas no Athena for me. Doesn’t change how I feel about Isarnia though.

Absolutely, be thrifty with asc mats there not as common as some I wouldn’t waste emblems on S1 heros now that S3 is out unless it was for sentimental reasons lol, bigger and better are on the way trust me

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