Should I use my orbs

I have finally got orbs and capes
Should I ascend Grimm or agwe?
Or should I wait until I get darts or telescopes to ascend Thorne, Joon, or Malosi??

grimm was my first maxed 4* personally

defense debuffer can help a lot

any way we can see your whole roster?

screenshots are the best way to go or


The heroes are all in different teams so it wouldnt help showing the rosters

Teams will change.

Seeing your full roster leads us to giving you far better advices.

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How can I copy and paste a picture here?

If you’re on mobile, there should be a menu you can open when typing a message. Click the image button to upload a screenshot from your phone.

This is what it looks like on desktop:

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that’s fine

best of luck

Grimm is one of the best 4* heroes, Agwe is one of the worst. You should definitely ascend Grimm.

At this stage in your E&P career, you should be focusing on 3 and 4 stars and developing a nice roster of heroes so you can participate in events and challenges. It will be a while before you will have the materials to max a 5* hero, so your 3 and 4* should come first.

You will most likely get multiple sets of orbs, capes, hidden blades, etc. before you have enough darts or scopes to ascent any of your 5*

Don’t worry, 4* are still the backbone of this game. I have 32 5* maxed, and still use many 4* on a regular basis.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info how to copy paste a picture here

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You need Grimm. :slightly_smiling_face:.
Agve later. :).

Thanks Dave,
I have now downloaded both ends of my teams 1-3 and 4-6 :blush:

At this point I think you should focus more on maxing some 4*s before moving on to 5*s. Since 4*s max faster and they are more helpful quicker, that can be a big help clearing some of the tougher content so you can get the materials you need for your 5*s.

You’ll be using Grimm for a while too, he’s one of the best 4*s in the game since his attack stat is high and his defense debuff is very helpful. I would recommend ascending him.

For yellow, there really aren’t many good options in 4* rarity as far as trainable heroes go. The best trainable one is Wu Kong, who you have already. But he’s mostly good for offense (titans mainly). For now I’d just focus on taking Malosi and Joon to 3.70. I wouldn’t commit to them quite yet though, wait and see if you get any of the below:

The other best 4* yellows IMO are G. Jackal (Teltoc), Mist (Valhalla), Gretel (Grimforest) and cLiXiu (costumes).

Danzaburo (Atlantis) is great but like Wu he can also shoot himself in the foot to a worse extent. Chao and Hu Tao are ok. Not bad but I’d maybe wait for their costumes to release before ascending them, see if you get them as they become much better with them (Chao in particular).


I’ve just won Li xiu and costume as well as having another Chao and Hu Tao not in use :roll_eyes:

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I’ve just ascended Grimm, so should I ascend one of my Hu Tao’'s or wait for another dart to ascend Malosi or Joon? ?

costume Li Xiu > Chao and Hu Tao.

She hits all enemies at average speed and she can quite easily reach fast speed with a level 5 mana troop + the costume bonus.

She comes with a decent amount of damage too, Rogue is a very beneficial class for that.

I would work on cLi Xiu before those other two heroes personally.

I forgot to mention one of my Hu Tao’‘s and Chao’'s are at level 60 and also I have vivica at 60
All three of them can be ascended without darts !

IMO never ever ascend Agwe unless it is buffed. Not useful at all compared to most of the other Blues available

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