Should I use my Mystic Rings / Telescopes on these heroes?

Good luck on the pulls! :slight_smile:

If it helps, I know it’s still in beta so not a guarantee, but there should be a red hero popping up in Atlantis sometime soonish. He reminds me of Kestrel a little bit, but with better stats and hits one instead of three I believe. Also looks like he dispels buffs. Things could change though, but something else to consider. + We don’t know when GM or Alasie will make their appearance in Atlantis.

You are talking about that samurai guy, right? Saw a a Screenshot of him, some time ago, but pre beta, and was impressed… If he would be released similar to what I’ve seen there, he should be a good one. Nice to know he is beta now :blush:

I assumed he was in beta, but I’m not in beta so I don’t actually know lol. Just saw a photo, like you, in group chat and assumed we’d be seeing him in the near future. Could completely change, but worth knowing just in case :blush:

Honestly I like Aegir, for titans and tough mob/boss levels. I’d lean there. People assume he was made to be a raid center tank, I’m not so sure that was all he was designed for.

I’d also not hesitate in leveling Elena. She’s a monster on titans. And when her riposte is up it’s like a free 1500-2k in damage on the titan attack all. My scores on greens shot up noticeably when she was put in play at 4/80. She’s a good color stacker for raid attack as well - especially against AOE hitters.

I apologize because I’m new to the forum and I don’t know how to create post. But I wanted a recommendation on which 5 star hero to ascend first. I have to azlar, thorne, and isarnia. I appreciate any help!

Azlar and Isarnia. Ignore Thorne.

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Ok thanks. Everywhere I read there is a lot of criticism for Thorne.

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To answer the question: Azlar or Isarnia. I’d personally go with Isa since she seems very well rounded but it all depends on your current roster

Thank you for the help! I appreciate it.