Should I use my Mystic Rings / Telescopes on these heroes?

I am debating if some of my current heroes are worth using my 4 star Ascension Items. I currently have 6 Mystic Rings and 8 Farsight Telescopes. My concern is I have heard mixed reviews on Aegir. I have Richard at Level 1 and Aegir at A3L22 currently and am wondering if he is worth ascending once he reaches A3L70. I also just recently summoned my first red 5 star from an Epic Hero Token, Elena. She seems decent but I am not sure if she is worth using all of my rings on.

For a frame of reference I summon roughly 20 times per month, usually during Atlantis.

Should I ascend Aegir or save my Telescopes? Should I ascend Elena or save my Rings?

Thanks in advance!

I’d honestly level Richard over Aegir as a first blue 5*. I also think that Elena is worth the rings. Neither are the best in their class, but they’ll improve your team a lot.

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Save the rings. And richard is probably the safer bet. Aegir is still heavily debated at tank position, i would suggest getting richard and aegir to 3/70 until more people use aegir as tank then get some experience going against him and draw your conclusion from there. No harm in waiting, rushing can be harmful though

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I didn’t mention but I am a 3600 team power team, they’ll be my first for each color, trying to push my team power but also understand none of them are best in class. Should I just finish Aegir to A3L70 then start on Richard as Aegir is getting close at least?

I’d just hate to spend the rings and then get someone better. Was really trying for Athena or Misandra from Atlantis last month and got Richard/Aegir in my final 10 pull.

Yes i would take aegir and richard to 3/70

Dont sweat defense team power, it’ll increase eventually, no need to rush it. Not much to gain by having a stronger defense team than what you currently have

Thanks Rigs, I appreciate your opinion. I was super excited about getting Aegir from the start but have been doing a bit of research and see that he’s not as good as anticipated. I just don’t want to pin myself into a mediocre 5 star just to have one. I have an Elkanen at A3L70 that will likely never be ascended further as there are too many superior greens out there. (Zeline, Gregg from future Atlantis or next months HOTM potentially, as well as Lianna. I already have A4L50 Tarlak)

Elena as soon as I pulled her I was both happy and bummed as I had a feeling she wouldn’t be worth it. Hoping for Zimkitha as I feel she is the cleanse version of Zeline.

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Zim is great
Elena isnt bad, she’s just not a priority over the others in my opinion
Elk is on my bench as well, some players love him, but he’ll never get my tonics

Pretty jealous about tarlak lol wanted that one

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I saw Tarlak prior to his release and was ranting and raving about him and had to have him. He has made for much more consistency on Titan hits and I love him for raiding. Once his special gets active things start dropping in a hurry. I am somewhat intrigued about how well Aegir’s 100% heal on normal attack does when combined with Tarlak. Going to test the two on a Blue tank with red flanking to see how well the heals do once Aegir is a tad stronger.

Elena I just feel the damage isn’t enough to make up for her slow special. Zimkitha has a fast 155% compared to Elena’s slow 195%. Azlar gets more base damage plus a damage over time that can shred a team if not cleansed. Yes, her counter-attack is nice but is easily countered.

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I wouldn’t; I have Richard, and I have faced Richard. I remain unimpressed with him.

Aegir I don’t know well enough to say much; I think I’ve faced him once, and while he was trickier than Richard ever was, that may well have been due to my unfamiliarity with him. One point about Aegir though: He really does not want low-defence flanks, or the spirit link becomes a liability.

I’ll echo several others here: For now, at least, save those scopes. There may be something better around the corner, or you may get a better feeling for what your team needs. Or even get high-defence flanks for Aegir … :slight_smile:

When i say elena isnt bad, it’s because of her attack stat at 4/80. Multiplied by buffs and debuffs, can end up with pretty solid titan hits but that’s about the only situation i would use her on.

Tarlak will buff aegirs healing. I had aegir and nearby allies healing 175 to 200+ per turn by stacking buffs, one of those buffs being zim and the other being khiona. Even greg increased the heals. Khiona + aegir is fun to play around with

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Keep those rings and see if you get Zimkitha!!! She is far and away better than Elena. I’d give rings to Marjana and Azlar before Elena. As far as blue heroes, there isn’t much on the horizon and Aegir is not a bad hero. Magni might be about the only one I’d wait on based on where you are in the game. :sunglasses:

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Im one of the more pro-aegir people but I’d still ascend ■■■■ over aegir. He’s also a good defense tank and is easy to use. His attack debuff makes him useful in offense aswell.

Reviews on whether Elena is worth the material is mixed but Im interested in improving my nature titan score aswell as mixing up my defense team so I would use ascension materials if I had her

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I would definitely wait, there’s no harm in it and saves you from making a decision you might later come to regret. Especially if you consistently do summons, you might end up with a better 5* sooner rather than later. Now if you don’t plan on getting any 5* in the foreseeable future, ascending one of them might be something I would consider, but only if I was sure that character would help improve my team. You could decide that by taking all of them to 2/60 (or maybe even 3/70) and playing around with them for a bit. If one fits and is exactly what you’re looking for, then ascend, but if there is any doubt at all- wait.


I actually really like Aegir, even in attack and against titans. Keeps my other heroes alive

I send all my 5* to 3/70 first then decide later.

Best if you set a dateline to yourself. If by when “date” you dont get the hero you want, up the current one. For example, this Halloween, I told myself if I didn’t manage to get Victor, I will up Aeron. No regrets there. Saw some defense wins with him in the lineup.

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I’d rather set a number of scopes / rings … like, certainly when you have enough to ascend two, it’s time to ascend the one you have. Or maybe even when you’re one or two short … it won’t be that long a wait, if a better one comes calling.

True. It also depends on what are the available mats that you have. I already have maxed my Sartana and another 8 tabards waiting so I just upped Aeron since the game’s RNG hates me. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do not have the full mats, you can always wait for the “better” choice to come along.

I currently have 6 rings and 8 scopes, so reluctant to use either set. Aegir is more likely to get them than Elena getting rings.

If you are looking for defense, please don’t up Aegir for the love of god. If you are looking for offense, he is pretty good if you flank him with the right heroes.

Elena is good but it all depends. Her tile damage is great but her defense sux. So in the end it all comes down to how much patience you have. Overall, she would improve your team anyhow. I rarely bring a dispeller when attacking. With her at tank, it is super annoying when I get a bad board. :laughing:

I had hoped Aegir would be a better tank but know better at this stage. Just hard sitting at 3600 team power with a red and blue 5 star and materials ready to push me to 3800, 3900 range. I will wait at least until Avalon on scopes in case of Arthur. Will wait until end of the month on rings in hopes of Zim.