Should I use Aegir on my titan team?

Hi guys,
Looking for advice. Should I do final level on aegir, should he be in my red titan team?

My current team is kiril, Frida, grimm, magni, wu…

I got plenty of healers and need 5* hitters, I got kunchen, delilah, Alberich and all of the 4* healers. So lack of hitters, rare material…

Thanks for input!


from the experience of older players, i´ve read that AEGIR is a though one, so yes level him up.
Cherrs :smile:

Aegir will help your team survive, which will be very appreciated against the high rarity (10* or above) red titans.

Thanks for reply. If I but him In the team, Who should I lift out?

I’d swap out Kiril. Frida’s Ice def- + Grimm regular def- is strong enough that you don’t need an attack buff to deal a lot of damage necessarily.

With a blue stack + Gambler Stance from Wu Kong, you’re gonna be healing a fair amount through tile damage with Aegir’s attack heal buff.

He is very good in titans (I would say in most of the colors), I have him at 3/70 and he is already very helpful.

If Magni or Isarnia don’t show up soon, he will get the telescopes once I get the last one.

In your case, if you have already leveled Frida up, I would say go ahead and ascend Aegir, otherwise Frida should be priority.

My 2 cents.

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Replace Kiril with Aegir or replace Grimm with Aegir depending on the titan level that you fighting against.

I’m running mono blue on red titans now, Frida plus Grimm, Aegir, Kiril and Triton. Does a pretty good job on nine and ten stars without those misses. Haven’t tracked it but I feel with a reasonable blue board it’s more consistent than the miss monkey

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