Should I try to fix it or leave

I am currently part of an alliance and have been for over 2+ years. I have made many good friendships and we all feel like a family there but, as of late, our leader is rarely on (weeks at a time), Co-leaders will miss flags in war, only 14 people on average hit the titan (25 in the clan roster) and several people are complaining that nothing is happening/changing and the only new people we get are in it to get a titan kill. I get that people have busy lives but you would think they might step away from their positions of power to someone more available. I suggested we make a Discord for our clan to talk about what to do as well as to get information to other players easier. I’ve always thought that doing something is always better than nothing. However some of the complainers were against this idea and still sit around doing nothing. I don’t want this clan to dissolve but it feels like its on its last legs. How can I change something for the better or if i leave where would i go? I want a place where i can feel like part of a family again where everyone mattered and pulled their weight.

Update: I took the popular advise and left. I told them why and the few that joined the discord understood and harbor no hard feelings. I found a new home and I’m happy. Thank you everyone for the advise and the views!


Time to move on, buddy.


Agree with Hippo… I’ve seen this with a player who is actually in our alliance now. He was in an alliance the he loved. The people were great, they were all friends and had great connections. The problem was they’d stopped caring about doing the things that helped the alliance like hitting the Titan.

He came to ours over the holidays - just for a visit since we were warring and his wasn’t - and discovered what he was missing. It was a difficult decision since he had his close friendship, but it came down to this: this is HIS game experience and he wanted something more than they could give him.


Time to move on, no point trying to flog dead horses.


Do you have any slots open and are looking for another fighter?

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I’m so happy my alliance has one of co-leaders doing hard job, but for the benefit and game experience of all of us. Namely, we are really nice group of people, some chatty, some not, but overall interesting alliance packed with diversity. And there are simple rules.
Despite having nice relationship, occasionally nasty and funny chats on Discord, this co-leader has no problem to kick out a teammate who’s missing titans and war flags 2-3 times in a row. He’s actually keeping a healthy environment in the alliance, cleaning it up. He did it couple of days ago, with the tiny poem in alliance chat… Smth like " 3 titans in a row, off to regrutment page I go…"
We all accept it, because… There are rules… You don’t respect alliance and your teammates. Off you go. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Hate to say it but the truth hurts. You’re right.

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Sounds like a place id love to be. Chill and can clown around but get serious when we need to. Can exceptions be made if someones going away where service isn’t an option? I.E Cruise’s/vacations.


@LadySuzanne alliance is well worth checking out, talk to her! Also I stopped by somewhere called Diamond Infantry a while back, super place if you’re at that level. Top titans without too many regs.

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It certainly sounds like you’re in a dying alliance.

Ideal situation would be if you could convince the leader to put you in charge, since you seem to be the only one who still cares enough to take action. But you’d have to also make sure you had the support of the others who are still more or less active.

Otherwise… yep, look for other options.


Of course. These examples are about people who does those things without previous announcement. We have a teammate, MD… Living his own chaotic life because of Covid, and no one have a problem with him being inactive for a month or so. He said he hopes he’ll be back. We hope too. :crossed_fingers:

Are you willing to take another on?

An alliance only works of you’re all on the same page. If you are all going in different directions (as it sounds like) then time to move on.

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There’s one spot left (that one cleaning couple of days ago). If you’re ok with hitting titans 9-10*, mid-level alliance wars… Come, check us out, maybe it can work out well. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you’ve tried to fix it. Time to move on. Good luck!

@lost2026 we do have a spot open. For the sake of your sanity, I have to ask what level player you are and if you can field around a 4k defense in war?

Although I hate to ask that, I’ve learned from experience that players tend to get very frustrated when they get farmed for points over and over in war :worried: Anything less than a 4k defense would be noticeable…

We also have a smaller alliance with some that are still building teams. It’s a little more laid back there with only 6 teams on the war field right now and fighting 5-6* titans. Everyone fields what they can and you definitely won’t see coordinated tanks. :laughing: We’ll get there one day but no time soon.

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You have options for alternative homes :arrow_up:

I’d offer you refuge in my own alliance, but I’d have to get to know you better first. Nothing personal, I’m just cautious of randoms. Too much like PUGs in MMOs. Box of chocolates, never know what you’re going to get… or if that’s actually even chocolate at all, sort of thing. You know. :wink:

Yeah, I’m real happy i found a place. I totally get being cautious though. I’d be the same way, especially someone trying to leave a failing clan.


Oh it’s not that I don’t trust you! You seem like good people. But most of my alliance is composed of people I know, and the people they know and vouched for. Not your fault that your group is falling apart. It happens. It happened to my first alliance. If I got to know you better, I’d certainly be open to letting you in. But my group is only killing 8* titans anyway, and most people are looking for something higher than that. Good luck wherever you end up!

Good luck to you and yours as well! I’m always down to chew the fat anyway (not sure if this place has a PM option) Lmao

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