Should I try to combine Merlin with Aeron and Tibs?



Hello my dearest Forum mates,

I just pulled Merlin and think he is not too bad. Any idea if I should try to combine him with Aeron and Tiburtus once he is leveled up? Would be also a good defense hero then…write me your thought.



Combine them genetically into some kind of ‘indominus rex’ style Uber mutant?

Yes, you should definitely do that.


Thanks @Lesley-annia. Will update how it work once Merlin is strong enough :wink:


Merlin is a beast for titans and raids, but his special has to be timed, for this reason he is not good in defence, as the autoplay does not make good use of his special.


Knew that he is grat offense hero. Would like to give him a try as defense in right combination. What a pitty that you cannot attack me once I set up this team. Then we could share experiance in line. :frowning:


Congrats on merlin!

Yes, absolutely combine him with 2 more purples in raid attack against a yellow tank.

He is also great for titans, events and war.

He is not good for raid defense, because the AI does not play him well. He needs to be controlled by a person, not a machine.

What does he do?
He effectively stops an opponent hero who is about to fire its special.

In raids, when an opponent hero is ready to fire its special, hit it with merlin. It will fire its special against an ally or - if it is the last one standing - against itself. Then continue firing tiles at the affected hero in quick succession, so it repeats this mindless attack. The results are amazing … hehe … :wink:

It takes a little practice to use merlin correctly. But once you have mastered him, he is amazing.

Many players who raid in the 2600 + cups range love to use merlin as 1 of 3 purples against a yellow tank.


Curiouse to test this, hehehe :smiling_imp:


You will love him :blush:
Do report please, once you have ascended and mastered him on attack :smiling_imp:


Mach ich. Schönes Wochenende! :rofl:


Got Merlin last time Avalon was out. Liked him so much I actually spent the mats to level him all the way. I’ve never seen hubby so envious of a hero and he’s ‘only’ a 4*. :laughing:

Completely agree with the advice given by others. He’s on my #2 war team. I typically run 1 healer on all my teams, but his special typically allows me to go with 5 hitters instead.



I just got two in the pulls this event…looking forward to trying that method!!