Should I try the final stage of Mount Umber?

Made it through the 4th stage with little difficulty with

Team Power: 2539
Scarlett 3/60
Kelile 2/37
Valen 3/50
Ulmer 3/50
and Bane 3/50+10

Used a few small and medium healing potions. Brought axes and bombs but didn’t use them in the end.

I don’t need the rings right now but figure it’s never to early to start collecting.

Do I stand a chance with this team?

It’s definitely worth a try :slight_smile:


I would say it is worth a try for sure.

You will need the rings.


If you can keep Ulmer and Valen alive you might be able to pull it off, but that is a long shot and you may find that the board has a little too much influence on your chances. If you are willing to spend a few battle items you could do it, but I would personally hesitate to use that team myself.

Good luck either way.


Thanks @Averagejoe. That 3180 recommended team power scares me. I know on the class trails these numbers are much higher than the amount you really need. I don’t mind spending the items. As I don’t have a 2nd builder I end up spending iron on items while waiting on the long multi day builds. Any idea how many hp the last boss has?

Not a piece of cake without a healer or a defence buffer.

That Valen-Ulmer duo is promising, but i replace Kelile with a healer if you can.


Do you have other blue hero, healer, or spirit linker?


Thanks @Elpis. I also have:

Healers: Friar 3/34, Belith 3/1, Hawkmoon 1/29
Blue: Toril 3/40, Olaf 3/40, Ragnhild 3/28, Karil 1/20

What about flanking Friar with my blue’s and switching out med healing potions for small mana?

I might only make it to the final stage with the three of them but between them, bombs and axes would it be enough to finish them off?

As others have said, I am concerned about the lack of a healer. It makes sense that you’re dealing with that by using two of your item slots for healing potions. But that denies you an extra spot for more weapons (or mana to get your specials off more often).

That said, I honestly think you should try. Two reasons why:

  1. You might do it. If so, great.

  2. If you do not succeed, this run is a valuable data point for future trials. You know that, with this particular team / approximate team power, it will be very difficult to complete the final stage of rare quests. That’s useful to know. And you’ll probably have a fair idea of how close you are. Say by the next one you’ve bumped up your team power a few hundred and / or added a healer. Now you can go in feeling it may be close, but that you can probably complete it.

The world energy is ultimately not that great a price for all the information.



Spirit link: Kaliana 2/18
Healers: Friar 3/34, Belith 3/1, Hawkmoon 1/29
Blue: Toril 3/40, Olaf 3/40, Ragnhild 3/28, Karil 1/20

What about flanking Friar with my blue’s and switching out med healing potions for small mana?

I might only make it to the final stage with the three of them but between them, bombs and axes would it be enough to finish them off?

Thanks for any advice

Thanks @IvyTheTerrible. I always find you insight valuable.


When I see question like “should I try do…” its only one answer for me, YES.

You always must try! You never know its something possible for you if you never try!
I tellimg this from autopsy. I beat 4000 SE with ~3100TP, it cost 20WE but I’m trying many times and I won.
It doesn’t “I’m sooo good”, I want show you something, many times you can be like “Noooo, too hard for me” but you can beat this! And if you think that somethong is impossible but you try, and won, this is great feeling.
Try and never give up :relaxed:


Interesting to see the other heroes you have available. I’m not really sure how Friar and Belith at that level compare with the Kelile you listed. I would use whatever the game lists as their hero power as a rough approximation of how strong they are. If it’s close, I would favor putting in a healer for Kelile. I like your thoughts on how that would affect your item choices.

I fear she may be a little too weak right now, but Kailani deserves a comment. She could be a big asset for you in these sorts of levels in the future. Her defensive buff and spirit link are both force multipliers for a healer (even a limited range healer like Friar Tuck). I used her in some of the levels of the Rare Tier of Wonderland, and was very happy for her presence. I’m sure you know it takes a long time to charge her, but that’s not really an issue for these situations (more of a problem in raids) - just charge her manually or right before the boss wave. I don’t know what other yellows you may be feeding, but she’s worthy of leveling up.


It would be hard based on your team composition… Team composition is vital is you wish to take on stage above your power.

I beat the last Mount Umber with only 2450 TP, but at that time, my team is consists of:

Sonya 3/60
Gunnar 3/50
Karil 3/50
Hawkmoon 3/50
Belith 3/50

3 blue heroes, 1 spirit linker, and 2 healers. I don’t even use bomb and arrow, I fill the item with 2 kind of health potion and 2 kind of mana potion.

You have Kailani, Belith, and Hawkmoon, raise them for the next rare quest. The next one is green, so you can add Scarlett and Kelile to the mix.

For now, if you have enough energy (20) to spare, there is nothing wrong with trying. Good luck.


Also, meant to mention this in my first post, but my SO beat the last rare quest final level (Shiloh I think?) with a team power that was in the neighborhood of yours. I can’t remember exactly, but I think 2650. And one of the items slots HAD to be antidotes because of the boss special skill of blind.

It’s a little bit of a different situation in that I think the ‘recommended’ team power is lower for that quest, and their team power was higher than yours (and they had a healer), but they wanted to take a shot and we agreed it’d be valuable to know for the future. We’ll see later today, but I think they can probably do this one now, too.

They won with only one hero standing, and severely damaged, which actually was pretty fun and exciting. It was cool for me to experience that again, even just as a viewer. So yeah - go for it, it’ll be fun! Let us know how you do.


If — and only if — you can get the bosses close to death, paying 75 gems to continue is a good investment.

Work the last wave of minions to make sure all you heroes are powered up and, ideally, youve got a solid board without junk tiles going into the boss. If you can hit the bosses with all specials as you walk in, then pop a gem or two, you can do this.


Its good that this one and the next one don’t need antidote.


True, but consider bringing super antidotes anyway. At 150 HP for all heroes, they pack more total team healing than any other item.



Powers are Kelile 435 Friar 422 Belith 362.

I do really like Kailani. She has got through a lot of tough bosses particularly the one hitters.

Ended up in a stalemate with Vivica on Piety. Bane was my only hitter and I couldn’t do enough damage with him and tiles. Kept Kailani going all the time and paired with hawkmoon, Vivica couldn’t kill any of my heroes. Eventually gave up and did it again focusing on taking Vivica out first before her power could go off.


Did it on the first try with my original team. Made it to the bosses with all heroes charged. Used everyone on the guy on the left then finished off with bombs and axes. Then fired ghost cells into the empty space fire up Scarlett and Kelile again. He still had the defense reduction. Went down easy.

Thank you @IvyTheTerrible @Kerridoc @yelnats_24 @Averagejoe @King_Nothing @Elpis @Radar1 for the advice.