Should i stop leveling Kailani?

Hello everyone! I was leveling this team:

But i have just gotten a second Kvasir. Some alliance mates told me that i should stop Kailani until i finish Kvasir because he would add more to my current level in events and tournaments


you have gunar , i think just fine you stop kailani and start leveling kvasir…try to get brienne and c.hawkmon…briene c.hawkmon gunar best synergies+ 2 atk heroes…

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Kvasir is great. I can’t speak highly enough of him. But you might as well pop back and finish off Kailani afterwards, for more depth in wars, ToL, and any tournament or event you can’t use Gunnar (e.g. blue reflect).

In my honest opinion, Kavasir over Kailani for your 3* rainbow team - 100%
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I didnt express myself well, i was refering to tournaments and rare events. There i think kailani doesnt add too much at my level.

This is my second Kvasir and Gunnar.

For wars i relly on 4☆ and 5☆

Echoing what everyone else has already said: focus on Kvasir first.

But Kailani is also a great hero. Definitely bring her up at some point.

Kvasir is MUCH better, but there are some tournaments when Kailani is useful. I’d do Kvasir first but as long as you aren’t hurting for hero space, it’s good to have a nice mix of 3 stars for the tournies. I have cotume gunner so Kailani is rarely used. But with a rush or bloody battle 3* with no purples, she’s on my team for sure.

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Thanks Chad . I think i will stop her for a while but not forget her. I usually work on some worthy 3☆ although them being duplicates feeding them with 1☆ when my 4☆ or 5☆ reaches high leveles. (Roster space is starting to be a problem thats true too)

@DaveCozy could you close this post? Thanks in advance

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Closed at request of OP

Done :slight_smile:

Also for what it’s worth, I think Kailini is only useful for early game when you’re trying to beat S1. Her and Gunnar make it possible to clear S1 without a single maxed 5*.

I never use Kailani anymore now. Gunnar I use a lot still, however:

  • he has a costume which improves his stats
  • even without costume, he has better defensive stats than Kailani for tank spot in tournaments
  • costume makes him one of the best 3* in the game (even good enough that some bring him to Grimforest Epic and Legendary)

So personally, until Kailani gets a costume or something, I wouldn’t level her. I know you have better heroes from previous discussions and I really don’t see her adding any value beyond helping you complete events (not for high scores).