Should i stop and build AL? Is it useful?

I would advice you to build it till level 5, and then move on to other buildings. It’s great for farming emblems. I started with running 1A and 4B. With that I used to get about 10 emblems every 9 days. Now I have switched to 4B and 5B, and get 1000 shards in about every 8 days (that’s about 440 emblems per year, unless you get a few 4 star AMs in which case it will be lower). The levels that you run will totally depend on your inventory of materials and your personal needs, but whatever levels you run I feel it’s totally worth it. :slight_smile:


Which level allows that transmutation?

2b uncommon battle item

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As some have noted, Alchemy Lab is a good structure to farm for Alkashards, a thousand of which can be combined to produce an unfarmable ascension material or 10 emblems or 5 legendary battle items. This has been a better far cry from its previous iteration where you need 10,000 shards to be able to combine something useful. I cannot stress how important and valuable shards are and as such, the question of why build Alchemy Lab only to level 5 and limiting your shard production from 2 AL functions when you can max the building to level 10 allowing you to work on 3 AL functions for more possible shard production. Be reminded that emblems are one of the most important items in the game at your current game level and status that the more emblem sources you have and the faster you get them shards to a thousand, the better you are in improving more heroes in your roster, resulting to better heroes as they hit a bit harder and survive a bit longer in raids and in wars.

Just a point to ponder.


That is a fair point Ultra. The only thing that makes me want to move further is to retrain epic troops to finally get that elusive mana red troop and some niche HA levels (trainers, legendary) but those functions are nowhere near in time.

On the other hand i will unlock AL very soon

I have obtained 10 emblems crafting Arkhasands. Its quite slow but is something.

I’ll respond to this. Ideally I’d get it to level 10; however, my priority is to get the HA running and getting to level 5 is a compromise. When you only have 1 builder, you have to make some hard choices. Considering that it’ll take over a month to bring it from level 5 to 10, at least you can get some alkashards farmed in the meantime. Once, the HA is up and running, I can concentrate back on the AL.

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Fair enough. I need to punch my face myself, forgetting that players are on different levels and statuses in the game. I apologize for not accounting that. Just happened that this is the 4th time where I have an idle builder by reason that i have no structure to build or level up. I have no more buildings to max, even all my Forges are all maxed and not left at a minimum level for the advanced structures, currently awaiting for version 32 where I believe that new Advanced Houses, Farms, Mines, Food and Iron Storages can be built.

Curious. Why do you need HA to level 5? Planning on getting rare heroes from there? I mean, our TCs are there to create rare heroes for us.

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Sorry bad wording. I want to get HA running ASAP, so getting the AL to level 5 (actually level 6) was a compromise. HA will be leveled straight to 10… it’s at 8 right now, but I need to upgrade my last advanced iron storage to 10. That’ll allow me to complete HA to level 10… but I need to upgrade my advanced food storage to 10 in order to research legendary retraining. Basically, it’ll be December before I can go back to the AL to complete its upgrades.

For me, the best HA functions to research on are levels 6 and 7, producing rare troops to feed your epic ones and producing trainer heroes for leveling your prized heroes, respectively. HA9 and HA10 are a week each of waiting only for us to get disappointed. It’s a long agony for us to endure, which has a high probability of giving us not the ones we want (remember TC20 and the Dawas or Renfelds showing there after 2 days of waiting?). I hope SG reduces the retraining time to 2 days, similar to TC20.

As for epic troops, I only managed to have a complete inventory with the purple crit troop as the last to have while the green mana troop was the last of the mana troop badly wanted. All of my mana troops are currently at level 23, except the green one which is still at level 17. I don’t buy troops at the portal using gems as I only rely from ETTs to get those epic troops for approx 2 years of playing.

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Similiar to @Quinn3, I currently AL lvl3 in progress to lvl4, so I will not doing transmution until lvl5, so that I can do 2x transmition at a time, while priority still in HA, currently at lvl8, and continue to lvl10, but… before RESEARCHING (sepcially lvl9 and lvl10 that need 7 and 12 days), I will make sure I can do some of usefull training while waiting the RESEARCH. This has been mentioned already by @Ultra.

Does Alchemy Lab allow a person to convert Food to Iron and Iron to Food?

No, at least until i have read. But you can for example use healing pots to transmute them into axes.
I imagine there are other leveles with a similar dynamic.

So, you are trading a food made item for an iron one

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I’m in a similar boat, almost ready to start building SH24 but have skipped AL and a few others so far.

imo, the biggest thing that will decide whether I continue to rush HA or not is what happens with the new raid formations. If non-HA players have to fight the new formations, I’ll continue to rush HA to unlock them too; if not, I’ll pause and catch up all of the buildings I’ve skipped along the way.

For now I’ll continue to push until HA is ready, but not start building it until we know what happens with the new formations (they’re probably still a ways out, but I think the formations will have a larger impact on daily play than anything HL, AL, Adv Houses/Farms, etc will bring). If AL comes up next in the meantime, I’ll start it before HA.

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Eh? Is there a correlation between Hero Academy and the new and upcoming raid formation? I don’t know about this. But I am excited.

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yeah the new formations are unlocked when HA is built


The reason to build out AL to L5 and not L10 is that L10 takes another 46 days (plus at least another 2d6h if you need more iron storage),

And to make up for the 46+ days of not creating alkashards in order to get the third production, you’ll have to wait another ~100 days until you’ve broken even.

With a payback of ~146 days, I think I have better things to spend my builder on that will payback sooner.

Some day, it may be my best option, but not yet

Yeah. I noticed that. I was building and maxing my AL and some farm or mine or storage because there was nothing else to level and max. I just noticed that there are several players trying to catch up at the cost of not leveling or maxing other structures just to get the best of AL and HA. Much much more difficult for those without a 2nd builder.

Here we go… 10 days to sh 23

Hopefully i have purchased the last vip offer

I’m on the last leg of getting mine to 10 so I can run 3 things at a time.

There’s a lot of use making items you need (like making mini mana from antidotes, arrow attacks and Mini heals)

I got it to 5 and made 1000 Alkashards in 10 days so that’s a shot at a 4* ascension mat or some emblems every 10 days whilst making useful stuff. Can’t complain at that.

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