Should I start building my 5 * team or continue building my 4*s?

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I’ve been playing for about 8 months and have a pretty good roster built up. I have a pretty good 30 hero war team( still needs some work but they are all somewhat built). I have all the ascension mats for Thorne and QoHs. Should I continue building them or keep building my 4*s? TYIA.

Can you post a picture of all your heroes?. Leveled and not?

A good rule of thumb here, and a starter for ten would be … start at the bottom and work up.
Build 3 x 3 star rainbow teams to max
Build 4 x 4 star rainbow teams to max
Then start looking at your 5 star heroes
If you are in the game for the long run, think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint race.
This game is all about patience
Good luck

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In general , if you have the materials then it’s time.

If you want that 5*.

Thiorne isn’t well regarded. He’s okay, but not A list. QoH was impressive when released, but just okay now. Neither are awful (looking at you Grimble, Atmos, and Mok-Arr), but 5* materials are hard to come by!

But so are 5*s. If you’re FTP you may not get a better one anytime soon.

In short, build your 5s when you get the materials and the heroes you want. And you’re the only one that can decide that.

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Well if you have a good 30 hero war team i deduce that at least 4 of those teams are made of maxed 4*.
If you have at least 16 maxed 4* and you have the mats i will go ahead with the 5*.
In your case i dont consider either thorne or QOHS gamechangers anyways they have their utility being the Queen my top choice here

So, its up to you.

No not 16 maxed, maybe I should focus on that first

With current meta, I’d get my fast, average healers leveled.
Currently have:
2 brynhild+19, working on 3rd and 4th eventually
3 c rigards +18,+18,+3
2 c BTs

This is on top of my maxed 5* healers.

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I have seen some videos of brynhild in action and shes so good . I will max her as soon i get her

I would finish Sabina, Gretel, cyprian that you have close to max lvl, Rigard , colen , gormek, triton, caedmon, gaderius, LJ, tiburtus,

Focus on a Rainbow team and finish them .

Then move to mist and bryhild. Id level Scarlet too as a fast red Sniper

So you have lot of work before starting with a 5*.

You have some desirable 3* like bjorn too

Thanks for the input all and TheWizzard, that sounds like a good plan, thanks.
I just got Scarlet finally. Definitely going to level her sometime soon.

Super stoked about Brynhild as well! I’ve played against her in raids and she destroyed me both times. She’s so good!

I was F2P initially and so I spent the first 3 months building a stable of 3* and they did me proud and still do. I have about 24 levelled now I think. Then as I built up the mats I got a team of 4* levelled, and then another so I had depth to help in wars.

Then after about 5 months I decided I loved the game so would chuck a bit of money at it…we won’t talk about how badly down the rabbit hole that went but even now with I think 12 levelled 5* and 20 odd levelled 4* I always look at to flesh out my 3* with the new heroes. I have a deep love of my 3* in fact and feel quite proud of them. They got me a lot of mats from tournaments and the rare challenges and let me get further into the game.

I see people in my alliance who are still relatively new and get a lucky 5* pull but I’m not convinced it helps at the start. Sure they hit harder but you don’t have the resources to level it well and you neglect the lower heroes who will get you more from the game in the long run.

Just my 2p (or cents) worth on it :slight_smile:


Not often you can recover and win vs 4600+TP tell teams in wars after tell has fired TWICE before your heroes are even charged!

My dbl brynhilds are at 75% OS success. The one fail still killed Tell and Vela for an easy clean up.

It looks like you have a pretty decent set of heroes to work with. My experience has been that I ended with loads of 4* heroes before getting 5* s. So my 2 cents are going to be somewhat different. Something to consider is that 4* heroes have some special abilities that 5* heroes may not, and are useful for wars. For example, it never hurts to have multiple cleansers (i.e. Rigard), and dispelers (i.e. Sonya). But if I were you, I would concentrate on completing the 3s that you already started, then finish off the 4 heroes before starting on 5* heroes. The time and resources required to level up 1 5* hero (assuming you have the ascension materials) would probably be able to finish off a complete 3* war team, if not 2 of them. Anyway, my thoughts.

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Its not sensible to go to start some of your 3* having lots of 4* in their last tier and some of them close to max lvl
You are going to need the 3* for Tournaments , Events and in some degree until you finish to develope 6 teams of 4* in wars
However if i were you i will finish what you have started and they are all those 4* in the last tier (they will not requiere more mats only feeders and will be so useful even in the long term .)

Then you can Focus on maxing some good 3* you have.
Anyways as far i can see you have already some good 3* maxed
So Focus on finishing what youve started

My 2 cents


Hahaha story of my life. I was F2P for two weeks and then got fed up peddling around with Layla and Bane so down the rabbit hole I went. Don’t regret it one bit as 100 days later I still play just as much as I did on day 1 (arguably more in fact).

Because I haven’t been playing for long, I only have 13 4*s in the final ascension and only 11 maxed, but I too have built up an army of maxed 3s - 21 and counting so far. Plan is to get to at least 25 so I can run mono in each color.

Some of my alliance mates make fun of me and tell me I’m wasting my feeders and my time, but they’re also the ones who are so fixated on 5* they level them before even getting a rainbow 4* team, and then later complain about their war bench or not being able to complete events. :smile:

By the end the first month I was able to finish the rare tier of events, by month 2 I was able to finish epic, and the most recent Wonderland event, I just managed to eek out legendary with a team of maxed 4*. Absolutely could not have made such progress had I jumped right into the 5* heroes.

Yes 5* are awesome (well most of them), but they take an insane amount of resources to get to 4/80 and as a new player you simply won’t have anywhere near the resources to even get them to 3/70 let alone 4/80. Hell even after 3 months of playing and plunking down a lot of money, I’m still only just about to finish collecting my first set of 4* mats to ascend a rainbow team of 5*, and I’m still always pinched for food! Can’t imagine how much you’re crippling your progress if you jump straight into 5* while ignoring the 3* and 4* heroes.


I think I just got really excited when I got inari, QoHs, and Freya. I started thinking about the possibilities and got a little carried away.

Thaks for all the input everyone. I am most likely going to revisit my 3 and 4 *s to get a solid base.

This definitely gave me lot to think about.

Thanks again, Jobin

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@rho I say this to them all the time. Levelling a 5* takes resources you just don’t have access to so whilst it might help as a shortcut initially it hampers your so bad longer term. 3* tournaments started giving me good mats fairly early As I got a good team and started to get top 5% pretty quick so I built up enough to level the few 4* I’d picked up, I was lucky for a while as back then it seemed every other tournament was a 3*. Early mistakes were made (I’m looking at you Little John…) but on the whole I built a very good foundation on which to build up from.

Plus there’s a lot of satisfaction from doing it properly I found. Part of the reason I’m still heavily playing it I guess.


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