Should i start again?


I lost my account and no reply from developers to get it fixed. Wondering if i should bother starting again as is a lot of work. Maybe if i bought some gems up fromt i could catch up quicker but ■■■■ its daunting still… any suggestions?


How long has it been since you emailed them? I’d give it a week or two, definitely don’t spend to get a second to wherever you were


Been 2 days but ive read other posts and they generally fix in a day or 2. I cant wait 2 weeks so guess ill just have to find another game… :frowning:


I’ve read some going out to a week or so depending how backed up in emails they are. If you were having fun and like it I wouldn’t give up it. Maybe email again.


I will give them until end if tomorrow. After that its wkend so will be at least 3 more days waiting. I can go back to legendary as thats the same only harder to progress in but least im halfway on that unlike this at lvl1 again sigh… (was 21 with 2515 team level)


I wouldn’t restart unless you are kissing the old account goodbye. It sounds like you have a good account; I would wait for their reply (and yes, I know three days seems like an interminable wait when you were having fun!) :confused:


Definitely give Small Giant a chance to get things sorted for you. I checked in with Petri and found that the current wait time for most issues is 2-3 business days, but there are a great number of requests for help with lost accounts, so that type of request may take a bit longer to process. I know it’s hard to wait, but they will get to you!


Sigh… well thats 5 working days now as has been a week. I made an effort with the new account and saved gems up but after rolling 3* crappy heroes ive decided its nothing like my old account and i havt got a month spare to grind foreverrrr to get back to what i was. All whilst waiting a week which i think is patient when my own in house Dev team respond to our customers within 24hrs. App deleted. Such a shame!