Should I sacrifice a 4/80 Khagan?

My alt account needed to level a red tank for wars and that was the only red 5 I had. Now, with classing Boldtusk, I may end up using him as my war tank. Better class, better special, better hero in general.

Because Khagan counts so much towards the accounts war value (would be value x2 because highest power red), and because I don’t like to use him much in attacks, am I better off NOT having him in my roster?

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Eek, I think eating a hero just to lower your War Score is a pretty bad idea.

It’s unlikely to make much difference in alliance matchups unless you’re the only one in your alliance.


He’s really that bad though. Weak damage, not great survivability, and his special essentially being Magni’s but on a slow hero… just not good. I regret giving him rings.

Wait for version 20. Khagan could see a buff then.


Feed him to a Derric :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d like to have such problems :rofl:

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There’s a decent chance that he’ll have new life with rebalancing in Version 20, and/or in Weekly Raids.

I would wait a while, at the least.

The only thing worse than regretting giving him rings is also later regretting eating him.


Dear, like u said. U used rings on him, so… try using him on a different strategy maybe. Also, there is a chance he is getting buffed. So, I would keep him. :heart:x

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Not even his class helped him out. Ranger? Really? Then again I dont think ANY class would have “fixed” him. Maybe Ill wait for v20… but if nothing then… I can’t afford to keep him.

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Do not feed him away!

If you are in a team of 30, the presence of a 4*80 hero in your roster will have an infidecimal impact on AW matchmaking.

Khagan, although not the shiniest new hero, could still be useful in one of your 6 war teams.


Hah you right. He is a terrible hero, indeed. But i still think he still may be saved. Maybe increasing him stats or making his special skill speed average. Same to Thorne.

But, he is a 5 star, and a maxed one! He could be useful in future. Specially on red color only upcoming raid events.


Always better to wait … no regrets that way!

I’d try him in a red stack raid lineup. His 710 tile damage isn’t too bad.

As an example, I saw raid vs class 1 queen of hearts using kiril grimm isarnia Triton and wu.
Sure isarnia has 797 attack but she is slow mana too.

Point being even a classed up qoh died with 6 blue tiles.
And in the middle of the fight, he can give his mana buffs to his adjacent reds.

Something like bt falcon khagen Scarlett and wu…
If you have Wilbur marjana… Even better.

In wars lately, seeing a lot of blue tanks so you can have two strong red teams.

There are a lot of us still waiting to ac our first 5*!!! And you talking about throwing one away!!! Mate?
There should be a share box, ill swap you Khargan for Wu Kong any day, lol


Dude, I used to like most of your posts, and I’ve given you a lot of likes, but you’ve really stunned me with this one. Can’t figure you out for the life of me.

Since you’ve caught me on a bit of a watch the world burn day, I say heck yeah! Sacrifice away! Don’t stop at Khagan, I’m sure there’s a few other underperforming 5* that are causing you first-world problems.

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Well, I’m frustrated with him. He doesn’t serve much of a purpose. I had heard before that he was lacking but I felt “how bad could he be, he’s a 5 star.” I’ve come to realize everyone was right and if he can be outperformed at tank by a 4 star, then what use does he have? I do like the red stack idea but also, my other account is cheap to play, so the roster isn’t deep enough for that.

I also made this post to bring attention to him because he really needs help. No hero should be the butt of a joke. I hope v20 has some love for him. Even turning his mana into an Alby regeneration would be a help.

I saw someone call this a “first-world problem”, in what I have taken to be a snark. No!

First-world problems are feeding, clothing and protecting the poor, the wretched and the weak. E&P is a game.

Feed the worthless shite.

This has to be the worst idea I have ever heard. With all due respect, of course. I wouldn’t even feed a fully leveled Thorne. A level 1 Thorne? Sure eat away, but you have to be able to find a place for a full leveled 5* in your Top 30 for war somewhere.

And Boldtusk is great as a 4*, but if I see tusk or Khagan as options in war, I’m fighting Tusk every time.


I think you misunderstand the meaning of “first world problem”. It’s meant to be a snark towards people who already have plenty of food and money and everything else and think that their perceived game issues are worthy of equal attention as the plights of the poor. Like complaining that one of the headlights on my Ferrari is dimmer than the other. In that context, this is absolutely a “first world problem”, snarkiness intended and appropriate.

On topic, conventional wisdom says that you should never, EVER feed any maxed hero with the exception of 2 stars… I’ve made a few rare exceptions in the case of 3 stars when I had duplicates (honestly, how many Banes and Priscas does one person need?). Okay, even if you already have 30 five star heroes, it’s highly unlikely that every one of them is fully leveled and ascended. The XP you get from feeding it will never come remotely close to justifying the lost time and resources you spent working on it. If you don’t mind throwing all of that away, then knock yourself out, it’s your game and you can play it however you want. It just seems like a massive waste of resources to me. I wouldn’t do it, personally, but the fact that you’re even considering it means you must have tons of resources to spare, in which case you probably won’t even notice the loss. Too bad this game doesn’t allow interplayer trading, I’d be willing to go as high as 500k food and 1000 common herbs for that trash hero of yours. :smile:


Your Boldtusk isn’t 4*+19 yet and Khagan is better than him as tank.

So, no.

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Fra, you have gone to the issue. Is the OP right in saying BT will be a better tank?

The issue of whether a place/use can be found for a maxed 5* is not on the table. Gnash your teeth, but answer the real question.

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