Should I ride the rainbow question

I’ve noticed that when a lot of people attack a Team whether in wars or raids they will attack the team according to their enemies tank or go heavy in one color for other reasons to. I almost always use a rainbow team this way I can always use all the tiles but which way do you think is the best way to attack a team?

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I play 3-2 or 3-1-1, for example. Rainbow is not an option anymore.


In my opinion rainbow is the weakest offence and strongest defense. And I do NOT think its even close.


Each approach has it’s own ups and downs. If rainbow, you diminish the risk of a bad board, but also the chance of a swift victory. The more you stack colors, the more your chances of fast killing enemies with tiles grow and also the chance of filling multiple hero’s mana bars at the same time, but, at the same time, you increase the risk of not getting combos of the needed color and head for epic defeats. The most efficient killing machine is the mono team. Usually, three tiles from a well structured mono team are enough to take out the tank early in the fight. Also, this strategy carries the greatest risk of not getting the needed tiles in time. I think most raiders chose the mid way, bringing some 3/2 or 3/1/1 or 2/1/1/1 teams to the battlefield, allowing them for more flexibility when it comes to bad boards. Personally, I find 3/2 to be the most efficient formula over time. But there’s no perfect way to win raids, just a heavy roster, and a bit of knowledge and skill, spiced with a whole full load of luck.


You covered me in full!!

I think most people use rainbow at the beginning, because they literally only have five “good” heroes, and the temptation is to just keep replacing with your strongest new one, keeping a rainbow.

But since you are bringing up the question, I suspect you are getting to a point where you should try branching out. 2-2-1 is very easily doable (2 matching the tank, 2 one flank, 1 the other flank), but when you are able to go 3-2 or 3-1-1, you will see marked improvement in your raid success (and bigger falls every night when your defense gets hammered). Many people even go to a “mono” attack once they have the heroes for it. If one mono team has good synergy, there are even people who take the same team regardless of the tank color.

I am personally at the point of experimenting with mono. As I am CTP bordering on FTP, I don’t have any of the Elemental defense down heroes, or a Tarlak or a Miki. But I still have a much higher success rate with mono teams. Occasionally the boards totally destroy me (one war attack this time, I never charged a single special), but I am usually able to fight back even from a mediocre board, assuming the tank isn’t a heavy hitter (love healers in the middle that I can pour tiles into until I have enough of “my” color).


I use this rainbow team in war on someone around the same level!
Does the job normally!


Yellow and Blue troops for you too huh? Took my FOREVER to pull 4*. Meanwhile red has a full page of them :joy:


Normally my primary attack is 2,1,1,1 and for cleanup sometimes 3,1,1. Defence is 2,1,1,1 strong colour flanking the tank and fast sniper wings/rear. That said, I am a bit flexible, e.g. my attack teams never resemble my defense. They get customised to whoever is the greatest threat to me.

Once you have enough levelled heroes, the balance tips toward stacking vs tank.

But if you have a single rainbow 5 star team fully leveled and to get mono or 3:2 you’d need to bring 3stars of the strong colour, rainbow may still be a stronger option.

For example, assuming they are all leveled fully, I’d rather go into a fight with Lianna/Sartana/Elena/Richard/Vivica than Prisca/Rigard/Sartana/Elena/Rudolph

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I am level 52 and have used a rainbow team the whole time. I don’t concentrate on raids but have well over 4,000 raid wins. I hear a lot of people talking about stacking colors and things like that but it just seems like you’re wasting so many tiles but not having all colored Heroes representing

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Good to hear that perspective

But a lot of people like doubling or tripling a color or sometimes even more so when those tiles hit they have a lot of strength behind them but I also think about the hero color you don’t have represented Windows tiles hit all they are doing is powering up your enemies special skills. So I’m just trying to figure out which way is best


I’ve ran both rainbow, 3-2 and mono on offense in raids and war. My Alby, Sesh, Azlar, Onatel, and Misandra squad actually got me as high as 62 globally once about a week back.

Conversely, I’ve also had success with my main 3-2 team of Sesh, Sabina, Onatel, and 2x Chao…though I use that more in war than in raiding these days. I like my rainbow synergy better.

And I think that’s the key: much more than color stacking, I think a) what kind of specials synergy you have, and b) how fast you can charge it matters more if you want to run rainbow.

My rainbow squad works because they feed into each other: Alby keeps everyone alive and helps Mana gain; Misandra helps Mana gain and can hit everyone; Sesh dispells, shields herself and charges fast; Onatel controls opposition Mana, self heals, and recharges fast; Azlar is just mean (and with Mana boosting troop, Alby, and Misandra, he usually fires a couple of times).

I think for anyone, the answer is what do you have and what your playstyle is, but I really don’t think either is right or wrong choice depending on what the answer to that is.

I get what everybody is saying about stacking colors against a tank or whatever but the way I look at it, is how many tiles you are sending up that do no damage to the enemy but only to yourself because all those tiles you send up that are doing no damage are powering up your enemies special skills which in turn will fall back on you so by setting up those tiles you were only damaging yourself but when all the colors are represented every tile you send up is doing damage to your enemy. I don’t know that’s the way I look at it comment is that I’m only powering up their enemies special skills by not having all the colors

Rainbow offense is for auto farming only. Stacking color is necessary strategy. It takes too many tiles to charge everyone’s specials in rainbow. Of course some matches can be won with rainbow; that’s RNG, but it’s not the best way to win. Many of the hard to get heroes have element link as part of their specials for a reason.

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Yeah, I understand what you mean but that is a strategy that will just not work at higher levels. 3 strong colours for the tank and 2 strong against the danger flank is really where you want to be. So 3 out of 5 tiles are wasted but a 3 strong colour attack will do 6 times the damage in just one hit. That means the 2 strong colours inflict 10 times the damage or double what a rainbow can do (more or less). Manipulate the board right and you will be well rewarded. Just bust the tank and danger wing and you can just ghost tiles to charge your heroes. Bad boards do happen sometimes but if you practice this, you will be rewarded.

In a game where I can pick my opponent and earn cups to get however high I want (mostly to fill a chest in my case), “high level” is a pretty subjective bar, especially since most of us lose cups by the bucketful once we log off.

If raiding was like tournaments or alliance wars where there’s a smaller pool to pick from (or no choice at all), stacking or rainbow might matter more. It just doesn’t matter as long as you can play well enough with your team, whatever the composition, to open the diamond chest.

The rest is just how powerful your defense is.

It’s all a question of what works with the heroes you have. Some players (@DoctorStrange springs to mind) love rainbow and building teams with synergy. Others like @Halifax love mono and building teams with synergy.

You see the common thread there?

Basically what it comes down to is:

  1. Rainbow you are relying on using the gems to power up your specials to take out the opponents. Because the gems tend to be more or less even. you will on average charge similar mana heroes at the same time. Fire Grimm, then Lianna for example and you can generally take out most heroes.

  2. Mono you are looking for gem damage. One match-3 of your mono colour is far more damaging than 5 match-3’s of rainbow colour. Charge your heroes and attack with their specials, yes, but whereas typically you take out 4 or 5 heroes with special attacks in rainbow, with mono you may take out 4 or 5 heroes with gems.

It all comes down to how you like to play and what you are comfortable with. It is easier to punch above your weight with colour stacking. It is harder to stay up there without a solid rainbow defense. Personally I tend to go 3-2 when raiding. Lately I’ve been using mono for wars. I use rainbow for farming and playing the seasons.


Great outline!

I’m just going to disagree a wee bit with the above characterization of special power up timing being in favour of rainbow - only in that with mono another advantage is that with the right synergy and troop distribution, most or all specials charge together. Every mono team I have has at least 3 heroes charged in 9 tiles or less. In rainbow I found it harder to ensure that charging was synergized

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