Should I revise my defense team?

Ok so I’ve finally got more than 5 (one of each color) 5 star heroes and actually have options. So should I revise my defense team and if so how? Here are my heroes:

Current Defense team left to right:

I have just now finished fully ascending Khagan and Kunchen. I was thinking maybe flanking Viv with Kunchen and Kage but then who would I take out and should I transfer emblems from Viv to Kunchen?

Also in the works (stuck at 3/70 thanks to lacking mats):
Onatel, Evenlyn, Aegir, Morgan La Fey, Frida and Khiona

Thanks for the suggestions!

I would see the Kunchen tank as a better defense but if you want both Kageburado and Kunchen ther’s always Onatel as viable tank’s option.

In both of the cases your cleric’s emblems would go to Kunchen.


Great feedback! Once I get Frida pushed up should I use that as my blue rather than having double purple (remove ___?) or green (remove ___?)? Thanks!

With Kunchen tank she could be as good as Evelyn in a flank’s position :slight_smile:

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