Should i replay last level if i lose an outpost in a province?

Every now and then i loose a province. Is it necessary for my tower to win that province again?

(when losing 12.10 playing that again?) (i’m not specially amused if that should be 23.11 :smiley: )

edited for outpost instead of province.

I didn’t think it was possible to lose a province.

At the moment my tower says i’ve got 21 outposts out of 23, so i think i lost 2 provinces?
And i might have to recapture them? Or is once won forever won? :slight_smile:

I believe the first two level dont have towers so you have the correct amount.

Edit: I checked and first two province do not have towers so 21 is the correct amount. Once won you cannot lose

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There are only 21 outposts and you can’t lose them once captured. If you complete the map you’ll have +105% watchtower production.

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Not only is it possible to lose o a province outpost but they come bck and revenge attack as well.

You may be able to lose the fight to win one and get revenged for taking one but you can not lose the production increase in your watchtower after it is won