Should I Put a Ring on It? Noor Vs JF

Noor, at most serves as food for JF…

I understand a little something about the game. My two most recent war scores (one against a top 100 alliance) should probably indicate that. Noor played an important part in both wars.

And guess what… Noor is good :slight_smile:

Shhh let them feed their Noors and we can clobber them :joy:

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This is a 4/80 Noor in play so you get a feel for her and her minions

Mistimed Lady Loki and Grazul a number of times so Noor played a bigger part than usual

I love how this has turned into a battle of the JFollowers against the Noorists. :rofl:

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Noorists… :laughing:

I am a fan of Noor. I tried her despite the (huge) backlash against her and found a very useful spot for her in my team. I’d overall give her like a B in offense, probably an A/A+ in PVE (could be amazing in events and upcoming ninja tower, but TBC). Probably an A+ in rush tourneys, A? in bloody battles.
Useless in defense. Useless in titan fights - unless you desperately need to keep someone alive, in which case theres battle items anyway.

I wouldn’t blindly advocate for her unless I had tried her and she had proven herself to me, which she has. Despite her slowness. But I have a number of slow heroes that I regularly use, so slow does not put me off at all.

JF as I mentioned I don’t have, and I think his flip is pretty cool and annoying when playing against. But I find his damage very easy to completely nullify (or flip with Lady Loki) and so that is the main reason that I would not go in his direction. I was hoping to pull him during his month though, and I am sure I could have found a useful role for him had I gotten him


Thanks again for all the help and advice everyone.

I seriously dithered - especially as Noor would be my first minion 5*, and I would give her the druid emblems, but JF felt like the right choice for me in the end. He had been ascended.

Thanks again everyone, it was close, despite sounding like JF it’s the better choice.

Maybe next time Noor… :slight_smile:


You made the right call.

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I still stand by my Noor :slight_smile: JF will be ascended after her, probably next year, consider my luck with hidden blades :smiley: