Should i pull emblems

ok my current defense team is as follows and all are maxed except quin,
Evelyn,Sheshat,Quin, Gravemaker and a costumed sonya with 18 emblems. i had kiril in there for my blue and he has 15 emblems on him now. question is with quin being only a couple levels from being maxed do i pull all those emblems of Kiril and use them on her to give me a stronger defense team or leave them alone, and i know i dont have a healer on defense, i just use quin .

Quintus and Kiril are of different class.

Is Quin Guinevere?

I was reading it as Quintus and getting very confused :rofl:

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sorry it was a typo yes guinivere

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Generally my feeling with all these, ‘should I remove emblems from xyz hero,’ is always NO. If the hero was good enough to get emblems, they still are. Perfectly valid to give someone else everything you have stored / everything going forwards.

I just really don’t think it’s that great to eat the resource costs of re-embleming. If there’s an obvious error, okay. But Kiril is a great hero and you’ll still use him a ton in wars, titans, tournaments, events, etc.


Sorry @IvyTheTerrible, but i would disagree on that. Though i agree that Kiril is a fine hero, stripping him of emblems would make his Guinevere beefier and sturdier, a principal requirement for tanks. Guin is still among the top tanks out there, and the best among holy heroes. If the OP uses her as regular raid and war tank, then it is justified to strip Kiril of his emblems in favor of the Avalon queen. This will help his alliance making his Guin harder to kill, forcing their enemy alliance to use more than 1 war flag.

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I recommend caution on removing emblems since you lose all the materials you invested in placing them on the original hero.

Guinevere is a great tank, and Sonya’s debuff or cleanse (since you have the costume) is a great add to the team. Thus, I think you should proceed with Guinevere as your tank and with Sonya in the lineup. Since you’ve got Evelyn and Seshat, Sonya’s costumed version is the way to go.

While Guinevere is better with emblems, you will get more of them over time. I don’t think the incremental benefits Kiril’s emblems bring to Guinever in the short term out weigh the loss of the mats to give them to Kiril and the strength you’re taking away from Kiril who likely features prominently in your raids against red tanks.


Completely agree with this.

What is hard for me (assuming they strip Kiril for Guin) is knowing if that outweighs having a less strong war attack team with a Kiril +0 in it, the lesser performance against red titans, etc.

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Hi Ultra, I agree with @IvyTheTerrible both in general and in the specifics of this case. This is based on the position – not universally shared – that dedicating too many resources to defense is mis-directed since any team can be beaten. See the link below for a nice write-up of this position:

In this case, I think it’s safe to say that Guinevere is not great on offense and moving those emblems from her won’t make her great. Maybe she’s the best yellow the OP has for raiding (@cain will Guinevere be a feature of your raid teams?) but that won’t be true for too long.


Never look back never regret. The pro’s and con’s have been laid out. You just need to look at your needs and do what you feel.

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That is indeed a point to consider by the OP. In my case, it has been over a year since I used Kiril in raids and in wars. I have one Kiril maxed while the other one is at 3/60, both will be maxed when i get his costume. I replaced him in most of my lineup since I got Ariel the first time she was featured in Atlantis, and will level another Ariel once i am done with 2 of my 5 star blues projects. Really depends on the playstyle of the OP.

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@RicElDrac Yeah. It has already dawned to me that everything is hinged on the OP’s playstyle. I was just thinking what is more beneficial to the alliance than the individual self. I always thought that the group comes first before individual needs.


The war perspective is important, too. I am super biased against forfeiting those mats and I have never reset emblems, even in a three-star.

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i use her soley as my defense tank, i have a few other yellow but only chao, hu tao and wu are maxed , i am working on neith and leonidas and gretel. everything changed this week as i got lucky and pulled telluria, clarissa ,aeron and sumie. so i got alot of options lol

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What? You pulled Telly and Aeron this week? :unamused::unamused::unamused:

Wow, you did get lucky.

Interesting. While I love Guinevere, Telluria is a good tank, especially when flanked by Gravemaker. As such, she could dethrone Guinevere when you’ve leveled her up. That may factor in your emblem decision.

Finally, as @Ultra mentioned, you may also want to consider your alliance war defense. If your alliance coordinates tank colors and that color is yellow, that may make stripping Kiril of his emblems less un-appealing.

no i have had telly for awhile and got aeron as a bonus draw not to long ago i think just like 4 or 5 days ago

Well, i had Ares tank highly emblemd. When i got Telly, i didnt hesitate stripping Ares in favor of Telluria. When i max Vela, i will not be hesitating to strip Alberich+19. And if i get Jabawock, i will not hesitate stripping my Drake Fong+19.

FWIW I stripped +20 kiril to give them to JF because JF gets to go on war defense.
Similarly, stripped +16 Seshat to give to costume Lianna coz, she goes on war defense too.

On the other hand, stripped +15 alby to make +20 c.melendor and +20 c.caedmon. And divided my barb emblems between malosi, Miki, kage and Gm.

I think you should choose 5 classes of heroes that will be on war defense, and strip other heores of those classes for the defense hero. The rest, you should spread them around.

I’d argue that no hero is more deserving of emblems than your tank (esp if you’re serious about wars), but i find the last 2 levels of most talent trees are of diminished value compared to earlier ones. Esp for guin, as a wizard she won’t get much benefit from extra attack as your tank compared to multiple nodes on kiril. Could make a case for the healing or mana nodes at 19, but probably not worth stripping nodes off a hero you still use regularly.

If guin were <10 I’d say strip away but at +18 i agree with the consensus and say wait to earn/buy the emblems naturally. Maybe you’ll get lucky on the next POV and wizard emblems will be featured, I’d at least wait to see that.

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