Should I play season 1 or season 2?

Should I play season 1 or season 2? I am at province 15 level 3 (season 1). I have played one level from Atlantis. My stronghold is at level 11, soon 13, as I have almost upgraded my iron storages. Oh, and I am f2p.

Season 1. When Atlantis Rises comes around once a month (will be here next month) give season 2 a whirl.

Longer answer:
I would do Season 1 as it unlocks additional benefits to the watchtower which means you passively get more iron/ham. You’ll get coins along the way of doing Season 2, but all of those are a one time thing.

My initial thought is Season 2 is a harder difficulty than Season 1, so might as well go through Season 1. During Atlantis Rises, all season 2 stages cost 3 less world energy and have 50% more loot. During that time it will definitely be worth it to ignore Season 1 in favor of Season 2.

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Season 1 is relatively low value in the end. Once you get past the “farming” spots for Elemental Chests, the rest of the campaign has relatively low value/ pay off… Finishing it gains you a summon token or two which are likely to just get you 3* heroes.

Season 2 has more value IMO. Two reasons:

  1. You gain atlantis coins; overall you have 270 (?) stages which each give you 8 atlantis coins (3 for easy, 5 for hard). That nets a total of 2160 atlantis coins (equivalent to 21 atlantis summons). Thats WAYYYY more than finishing S1.

  2. on completing Easy & Hard mode, you gain bigger rewards. There is the shown 300 & 500 atlantis coins & avatars but what isn’t shown in the mission rewards is that you get 1x of EVERY unfarmable material. ~half on finishing easy & the other half on finishing hard mode (all 270 stages). This is quite a massive bump for F2P players.

Yes atlantis rises comes around once a month but it’s only for a couple days. If you only do Atlantis stages during Atlantis Rises, you’ll be going forever.

I personally would use the majority of the month to progress Season 2 map & then during Atlantis, just spam farming… Save your WE Flasks for then & burn them all :slight_smile:


If you keep advancing on season 1 at some point is gonna get difficult, so change to season 2 and you are gonna see is easier, when it gets difficult in there switch to season 1 and that way you won’t get stuck or bored.

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I’m going to revise/restate my opinion since Guv disagreed.
I believe even the later stages of Season 1 are easier than say province 10 of Atlantis. If this assumption is incorrect then perhaps the rest of my argument falls.

I would use normal energy on Season 1. When Atlantis Rises comes around, go to Season 2. Even though it’s only a few days, you should still be able to make decent work of it before you hit a difficulty cap.

My guess is that as f2p you might not have a 5 star and may only have 2 four stars. So difficulty would be my top concern.

tl;dr I would do whatever is an easier difficulty so that you’re making progress. But it’s hard to argue with Guv’s logic.

I’m f2p and currently going through season 2 with my alt account. I farm season 1 8/7 to fill my chest and then season 2 between chests. I also play all my flags in Atlantis Rises during that event because of the reduced cost.

It a case what you feel comfortable with or what you need, I want backpacks.
I farm S2 1-8 even outside of atlantis as gives me more then 5-8. Rarely farm s1 anymore except elmental chest, I got a holy but doing S2 13-1 gives about 19 soo that a good one, back packs not so good but other loot adds up.

This is a resource that people seem to ignore. The watchtower is equal to 3 farms and mines working continuously.


Thank you for your answers! I decided to fill my chests first and then in the meantime do S2. It’s just that completing two S2 hard levels leaves only 4/24 world energy and that is a bit lame.

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I’d farm the crap out of s1

and porgress s2 during atlantis when the world energy is more cost effective to do so.

in s1 I’d farm province 6 stage 8 unless you need farmable ascension mats then would probably move to 13-6 or 17-1

and of course those choices change if you need to fill an elemental chest…

just my 2 cents

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