Should i pick Tarlak ? Wilbur costume owner

as c2p wilbur costume owner, should i take tarlak from fated summon? curren titan options are Wilbur C, sergei, bertulf
I dont have any 5* green healer and Mitsuko reflect ice seems interesting ( especially paired with 2 copy of costume marjana )
Help me decide :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No, take ratatoskr
  • No, take mitsuko

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I am in a similar situation with CWilbur, I chose Mits first and Skadi second (I have her costume, so she is a dupe, but much stronger hero than the rest). Still thinking about Tarlak and Rat among others… Red is my weakest color so Grazul is also an option. Plus the usual suspects: Ariel (I have enough blue 5 star healers), Onatel and Freya.

If I didn’t already have skadi, I’d take her.
She is a game changer for all aspects of the game involving minions.
Traded her for 20 heroes in first soul exchange and never looked back.

Yes i have skadi and she’s amazing. Also have ariel and bera so above Heroes from poll are my option to choose :slight_smile:

IMO Tarlak isn’t worth it because you have C.Wilbur. c.Wilbur is tanky enough to survive hit from titan so Tarlak would be upgrade only on blue titans.

Take a hero that you can use in every/most of game aspects. Mitsuko is solid choice.

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I would take Mitsuko. Much wider range of uses and always a valuable mana cut skill.

I have Tarlak. His stats are unbalanced (high attack / low defense), which lessens his survivability. He is harder to keep alive than other 5*s.

Generally, I don’t want to give damaging advice, since I don’t know your roster and what makes the game fun for you. If I had cWilbur and other FS heroes would help my roster, then I wouldn’t take Tarlak.

I have Sergei, bertulf and c Wilbur and I did take Tarlak. But, if you don’t have the others mentioned here, perhaps it’s better to take Ratatoskar to improve your green titan team first and then take Tarlak if possible next time

Also, I agree Mitsuko, Skadi, Onatel and Freya are all nice heroes, maybe some others in that portal too. But, that portal is full of (soon) obsolete heroes. Only 2 heroes there that will hold value are Tarlak and Rat for their usage against Titans and for events

Tarlak is super squishy. That said i took him but i hav Ratatoskr.

The rat would have broader use in game, so in your place, i’d probably choose him over tarlak