Should I maxed Elena?

I got her yesterday and I’m not sure

How many _____ do you have?
Do you need _____for another hero?

  • Hidden Blades
  • Mystic Rings
  • Tome of Tattics
  • Damascus Blades

Bonus Question:
You’ll be likely to get another set of 6 Mystic Rings & 8 Hidden Blades before finding a better 5* red hero?


I have 3 Tactics tome, 7 DB, 8 hiden blades, 3 rings and i need 4 hiden blades for Wilbur.
I’m F2P and i have 2 20TC so I propably cant get next 6 rings and 8 blades before found better red 5*

Start with Wilbur (one of the best 4* in the game), you’ll never know if your next Atlantis Coins would gift you a red hero :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks.
With my atlantis sumons I,m waiting for Alasie or GM :blush:

Agreed. Start with Wilbur. He’s great and you have everything you need to max him now.

When you get to 5 rings, then I’d start seriously thinking about maxing Elena or not. That could easily be a couple of months from now, and as FraVit said, you never know who could pop up between now and then.

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