Should I max another blue hero that has Def down?

I already have Costume Frank maxed. He’s my only Epicmaxed ice hero. However today i have pulled grim’s costume . Stats wise hes an upgrade to his classic version, the only drawback is that he doesnt add anything new to my roster. But he’s a monster and really useful to stack blue.

What do you think? Is he worth it? I have just one compass so i could go with another color and max something more tactical like Li Xiu or Anastasia or even a healer(i would have loved to get c.Kiril BTW), though i’m not struggling in survavility, just need big explosions haha . My rigard, Boldtusk and Grevle keep most of my heroes alive.

Costume Grimm is great, I will level him before the other two but as you said you need to know what do you need on your roster and focus on it

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Long term, you should probably do Grimm (and costume). Short term, Frank will serve and there’s not a huge push to get Grimm. If Compasses/gloves are still a choke point, you will want some of every color before doubling up an effect in blue.

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It looks like you’re relatively new so even if you don’t immediately level Grimm, you’ll want to in the long run.

Grimm has faster mana and a higher attack value so I find I use Grimm more than frank. I only use costume frank.

Long term things like mythic titan will incentivize depth and I use my Grimm, frank, Isarnia, and costume Gunnar.


yeah, im just level 29, so im starting to develope my epic heroes. I made to do my first rainbow team -Rigard-Griffin-BT-Frank and Marcel. And im building my second one.

I want to know if grimm is better than frank (both with costume bonus) in offensive. Lets say quest, hard levels and raids / wars. If he works better i will level up him happily

If I could only have one it would prob be Grimm for mana speed.

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I switch my def down since last month as I get Frank CB and put some emblems (because Frank is better defdown over Grimm), but then cGrimm in my case is also not bad attack stat plus he give more +att to nearbly, so my current red titan teams now are:

I’m not interest and deeep into that, but anastesia seems more fun on offense, Li Xiu can be annoying on defense though.


Have 2 copy’s of c. grimm def worth maxing… either version can help a team out…
Also be handy for you in trials as can use barbarian or rouge version when they come around.

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C. Grimm then.
You can still pair him with Frank for def debuff and then hit hard with C. Grimm plus his 6 turns +50% attack for him and his flanks.

Also… With costume bonus you will find out that you’ll need a much lower (lev. 11) mana troop to access uncostumed Grimm def debuff with “only” 9 tiles.
And, boy, does that make a difference.

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We faced Red tanks today.

I took this team as my 2nd blue

And smashed this team to bits:

C.Grimm fired, gave Thorne and Richard a massive attack boost and they took out 3 heroes between them and put a 4th under half for Fenrir to gobble up.

Thorne and Richard aren’t especially loved 5* but when you give them that kind of attack boost they put out serious damage.

Grimms costume is a seriously impressive piece of kit, you’ll have a lot of fun with it


And what do you say about maxing my first 5 star hero? Yes, i know and i understand that building epics is more important and easier, however i find myself lacking good purples , just an emblemed Maeve and a maxed Rigard and find that Hannah at 3.50 is being used in most of the teams that i need purple.

Regarding the mats i just need one Tabard more so next month could be the right time to do it.

Thanks ! I will certainly max him as my next blue hero

BTW i started the upgrading of my SH to 20 so i will unclock one more training camp which means a quickier feeder production