Should I level up noor

The video proofs that she is useless… The real red heroes in this video are lady loki and grazul. she did nothing. she didn’t even summon sparrow when vela summons the thorn minion…


Please learn to read. The video only shows the durability of the minions, as the discussion was about minion health. Noor does not decide the course of this raid and at no point was this claim made.

And yes, she does not auto summon a minion in response to a minion generated as part of a talent, as per her card description

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No problem.

If you want to see Noor in action at 4/80 and above you can have a look here

Actually I’m quite impressed by the prowess of Noor shown in that video! Took some heavy hits from Vela and grave maker and still had some minions alive.
Lady Loki of course makes me want to finally work on my Myztero although I doubt he is near LL useability…

I will level up Noor for sure but in red the waiting line is long and rings scarce…

52 hp per minion = 260hp per special. Roughly 728hp per match. And as someone who has actually played her extensively at 3/70 and at 4/80, and not someone who is theorising, this combined with her extra survivability makes a huge difference to the team. The literal difference between life and death at times.

And the part about all other heroes gaining substatnially more for ascending over Noor - well that is a flat out lie. Take for example dedicated healers - what do they get when ascended? Survivability FOR THEMSELVES. Noor gets suvivability FOR THE TEAM.

Myztero is a poor man’s LL, but it should be the other way around. Without a cleanse (basically what LL has) he becomes much worse than LL.

I think they are different but roughly equal in power, as long as you use them properly.

Speed: Myztero has a huge advantage here with Lady Loki being average
Cleanse: Lady Loki has a huge advantage here as she cleanses as part of her special, helping her and the team’s survivability
Number of ailments sent back: Lady Loki sends back any ailments that affect the team, but on a 1:1 basis. Myztero sends back any ailments that affect him, but all enemies get those. So I’d say this is more or less a tie as situationally they will throw back fewer or greater ailments than each other
Special hit strength: Lady Loki’s hit gets stronger the more ailments you send back, and situationally this is of benefit as you can sometimes kill off weak enemies. But the main benefit is the dots and ailments so I’d give Lady Loki a slim advantage here
Special skill duration: myzterio has a big advantage here as all ailments have full duration. With lady loki it is dependent on how long she holds each ailment
Stats: Lady Loki has better defensive stats so I would give her the edge here as these heroes need to survive
Class: Both classes are good (fighter vs rogue), but will Myztero memorise a special that he dodges? I think so, which gives him the edge here

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I broke up the contributions of my team to winning as follows. Lady Loki is amazing, but all of this depends on there being an ailment-dealing team you are facing off again, so its usability may go down over the next month depending on how the Tel thing plays out. I have done a side by side comparison below of Myz vs Lady Loki (note that I do not have Myz) and I think they are roughly equal in power, so I think he is definitely worth working on.

Lady Loki: 30% of credit attributable to her. She is my star against GTV
Proteus: 20% of credit attributable to him. He is fragile but his special is extremely potent

Grazul: 20% of credit attributable to her. She is actually playing a lesser role these days but her fast block is still often a life saver when I don’t have a cleanse or Lady Loki available
C Rig: 15% of credit attributable to him. Reliable cleanse and heal and occasionally the buff is telling
Noor: 15% of credit attributable to her. She helps to keep the team from getting overrun by minions, she (now) provides a 420hp shield that stacks with Grazul and C Rig, and her elemental link is very useful. Particularly potent against Seshat in the corner and also for finishing off enemies towards the end when tiles dry up

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Also, Ursena…! :slight_smile:

First of all…
You have your opinion. I have mine.
And I was perfectly fine giving the OP my opinion without including you. Since our path last crossed you have informed me that you have no intention for listening to end-game opinions so I have no intention of starting conversations with you any longer.

But you…

Felt compelled to include me yet again!..
So I edited in my response to the "huge" difference…
It’s not a theory.
The skill change from 3.7 to 4.8 = 52 hp per minion
That’s it…

Again, I tell you there are almost literally separate games within the same game. There is a time that players experience MLF in the corner during wars as nearly impossible to defeat. When most players in the alliance have 2-4, 5* heroes tops. Of which there maybe thousands such alliances currently.
And MLF is a Titan!
And the threads about her came alive.

And then you and your alliance evolve. Your rosters grow. And suddenly different combinations of skills change the game. Titan hits start sky rocketing when members combine attack boost with def down. Then focusing on tiles.
And perspectives change and conversations for tank colors take place.
And pretty soon, MLF starts disappearing from war boards as her selfish skill starts getting picked apart by the hefty benches with greater ease.

And then again… when you have over 30 max’d 5* heroes. And every war flag is nail biter. There is not a single enemy under 4650TP.
The slow heroes on your bench start getting lucky if they ever fire even once. Since your enemies are loaded with stat boost and damage! After collecting data on counted moves, and then averaging that: members in your top 10 alliance are saying the match is usually decided by the 5th move.

So counting 5 minions:

adding them together and then beating your chest with the Ridiculous Assumption that all 5 heroes are still alive when your slow hero charges at end game level.
Or even assuming that separate minions are a cumulative math equation. Is not only misleading, it’s absolutely inaccurate!

And finally…
The primary issue with Noor is that she is designed to fight fire with fire. And the inherent problem with that design is the stat boost makes minions a legitimate presence on defense. And less so on offense. So at this end of the game, it comes off as fighting fire with a match.

My 3.7 Bera is doing a better job. And summoning heroes have the unique ability to have added survive ability through their skill.
So why waste mats?
The OP should have this opinion too…

So you stick with your 85% win ratio, keep counting those 5 minute timers in lower diamond. And I’ll stick with my raw damage.


Yes, Myztero will memorize the ailment as he can’t dodge those. He only dodges direct damage like all rogues. He has a great class for himself. Your arguments are all valid and pretty much right. The cleanse is the big one IMO though. Myztero needs to get hit with ailments to do anything. Without a cleanse he’s in trouble really quickly. Sure, you can support him with other cleansers like C. Rigard, but it’s not always timed quite right. I did end up maxing my Myztero recently, but haven’t found him very useful. He didn’t even make it off my bench this war, for example. I need to play with him some more I think.

Do you have Grazul…? I think that is the one hero with which he would be particularly effective. The oter obvious one being C Rig

Unfortunately not. No Grazul.

Most TC20 red heroes are better than Noor, in PvE, PvP and raid defense team. Referring to marjana, elena and azlar. Elena alone, also a slow mana hero, is better and she is accessible in TC20. High attack stats and that counterattack is better than minions IMO.

While i agree that you should use the heroes that you already have since waiting for something special may be futile, you should also know that it is more difficult to wait for ascension mats than tc20 5* heroes.

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Then c rig is your new best friend. I suggest you play around with them a bit to see if you can make it work. A second off color healer would be good too

Again you want to emphasize how great noor is and what kind of great player you are. We all know that, in every noor chat you are highlighting how good she is. Just stop and learn to keep calm. Give your opinion once and thats enough!! Why you are always starting such kind of useless discussions!?

If I have extensive experience using her successfully, why wouldn’t I provide my insights and findings and thoughts? Isn’t that the whole point of the forum? Or should i hide and refrain from sharing and only let the OP and others hear the negative feedback, mainly from people who haven’t maxed or used her?

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Short answer. No, do not ascend Noor. I have her maxed and use her in war (when I can). Unless you have the best anti-Telly heroes (like Grazul and Lord Loki), she’s not worth it. Maybe to 3-70 to use against Lady of the Lake. But that’s it.

And after all the substantial reply made by @Pompitous, you just replied about the noor porn?

Dude, after all the bragging about your team and skill that made you allegedly succeed in 85% of your raids attacks, you still don’t have the skill to understand other’s opinion.

Ps. After all this, you will post a meme. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Look, thanks for pointing out that there’s a use for Noor. I actually like your videoes and they inspired me to (try to) use her similarly.

Having said that, she only really works well if she can literally be carried by epic anti-telluria heroes like Grazul and Lord Loki. Yes, she is a failsafe. But a failsafe is obviously not something this person, with no other 5 star heroes, let alone Grazul or Lord Loki, needs.

Just an FYI, Skadi is a BETTER than Noor at the job. Yes, I have both maxed and use both in war against 4600 teams. Noor cannot be used except against Telluria and maybe Lady of the Lake. Skadi can be used anywhere, and not only controls the minions, can single handedly win you the game.

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