Should I leave my alliance

Is it time to leave alliance when you are getting the top score in war and on titans everytime by a wide margin??? I love the people in my alliance. But is it fair to them? Any thoughts. Im not sure what to do.


Talk to your alliance an see how they feel about your scores and go from their.


@Mallix not sure exactly what you mean about being fair. Is this because you attract higher war opposition that they struggle with? Is it because you kill much higher titans than thier heroes can really deal with? Suspect it is both…

Its a difficult one, as I suspect they would not want you to leave, and it is often the experienced players who give valuable advice and strategy that helps the team as a whole advance. However if the gap is so large that it becomes an issue, then maybe it is fairer to move on. In our alliance we have a core of active players, with war defence in the range of 3800 - 4300 and top war attacker and titan hitter is regularly shared around the team. However I have no idea if the lower players are intimidated as they do not speak as much, or whether newer players are put off by having to attack harder titans and opponents in war…

Feel for you its a tough decision!

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Thanks guys. Yeah in struggling a little bit. You nailed it @Montyville i just want whats best for the alliance and dont want them to have to face tougher teams in war bc of me. But not sure they wld want me to leave. So I guess i will talk to my leader.


at the end of the day that is all you can do…potentially you could leave for a couple of wars, or opt out and see if it helps them… its tough!

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If you are the Leader of that alliance, then you have a ton of work to do to elevate their status from being noob to experienced players, able to compete you in scoring for titans and wars, and even cups. That’s what I did to my alliance. As leader, you have that responsibility to your members. You may also want to screen applicants by setting recruitment requirements.

But if you are just a regular member or elder, you also have a responsibility to guide fellow members. Just set an expectation to the entire membership. Talk to them. Get them to talk. Encourage them to raise questions, both in-game and IRL. Group dynamic is important here. If you really feel that the alliance is holding you down since you can’t battle stronger titans due to the limitations of your comembers, then it may be best to part ways with them only AFTER you have given the entire alliance sufficient time to realistically achieve a certain goal of improvement, may it be activity level, titan hits or damage minimum quota, cup requirements, number of heroes and/or troops maxed, etc.

At the end of the day, only you can gauge which playstyle would be fun for you.


@Ultra Thank you. Im a co leader. I enjoy my alliance. I like sharing my knowledge with them. Just wanted to hear some thoughts…

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For me, being in a great alliance is one of the main reason (if not the only reason) that keep you invested in the game.

There are many factor that can affect your view regarding your current alliance such as:

  1. The interactive communication between members
  2. Nature of the alliance (competitive, laid back, newbies friendly, militant, etc)
  3. Alliance member’s level of participation
  4. Common interest outside the game (like hobbies, animal lover, religion, foodies, etc)
  5. Alliance performance (Titan & War result) as well as the loot bonus

Considering your position as a non leader, I think its understandable if you want to venture to other alliance, because in your current alliance, you already become “too good” compared to the other alliance member. By moving to “higher” alliance, you can face a better challenge (titan & War), and hopefully better loot from it (don’t hope too much on the loot factor actually). However, I have to ask you: Do you prefer the “challenge” factor of the game, or the “journey” factor?

I’ve been in an friendly open alliance without any minimum trophy requirement to join, thus attracting many new players. Some of them retired after a year or so and replaced by another new player (actually I was one of the new player when I started the game :grin:). That alliance was perfect for me because its so “newbie friendly”. Its perfect to learn the game, share best practice and everything. But after almost 1 year, I surpass every other member in that alliance, including the alliance leader (who started 1 year before) because :
a. our top player move or
b. They become less active/quit the game.

Everytime a high level member left/quit, our alliance become less productive because they were replaced by new low level member. When we still have great player, we might kill 7* titan, but on average we only fight 5-6* titan, and for me its frustrating because I don’t have any challenge left (since I already beat all of my teammate’s level and titan score). So I moved.

Since then, I’ve been jumping from one alliance to another. I don’t chat as often as before, and sometime I do miss the “interaction” aspect of the game. But now I have a better challenge, higher level titan (10-11*) and better loot compared to my 1st alliance.

The point is, If I did not jump to another alliance, maybe I would have stopped playing long ago, because its becoming too “easy” and sometime frustrating because you cannot progress faster due to the big level gap between our members. Your case might be different if you still have strong connection with your alliance. Move or not, its all depend on your view to the game… what encourage you to keep playing and enjoying the game…

Cheers :grin:


My advice?

If you love your alliance? NO. Do not leave them.

Being top dog though carries a lot of extra responsibility. Remember the following:


They would not be able to take down as high a level of titan without you. Lower titans usually results in lower loot. You are actually helping them by getting those high scores, whether they realize it or not.

Your job at this point is to help foster their own teams to get better and better on titans, and helping them get better loot in the process goes a long way. Getting the A+ scores does NOT guarantee that you will get the best loot - believe me. I’ve gotten so many A+ scores only to get crap loot, while someone else in my alliance scores a B and gets a mystic orb and a hidden blade.

Did I want that orb and blade? Of course. Do they probably need them more than I do? Yep. And if it helps them level up more heroes in order to improve their own titan scores in the long run? That’s a win/win.


As the highest war scorer and strongest team, I would say that the onus is on you to actually go after the strongest opponent teams. Even if it means risking not getting a full clear - because you are in the best position to weaken the opponents’ defenses enough for your other members to be able to finish them off. Anything you can do to help your teammates get an advantage in wars is going to be an overall benefit to your entire alliance in the long run. You don’t always have to get the best personal scores, alliance wars are about total team score.

To use a simplistic example: say there are two alliance war opponent defenses on the board - one high and one low. The high one is worth 150 points, the low one is worth 100 points. You know that your team is strong enough to one-shot the 100 point team. You also have a lower level teammate though who is not able to take on the 150 point team.

Now you could use your strong attack team on the 100 point defense and score yourself 100 points, then use your next team on the 150 team and score 50 points, and let your teammate make two futile attempts against the 150 team and maybe only score 25 points between their two attacks (for a total of 175).

Or… alternatively, you could let your teammate go after the 100 point defense, maybe they get it with one shot. You go after the 150 team and you don’t one shot it, but you do enough damage to score 75 points. The two of you have now scored 175 points for the team with 2 flags instead of 4. Then either one of you can use your next flag to finish off the 150 team for another 75 points, for a total of 250 points with 3 flags vs. 175 points with 4.

If that makes sense. :slightly_smiling_face:


By being the top / most experienced team member, you likely know a lot more about best strategies for leveling and maximizing scores than most of your teammates, which makes you a valuable training asset for your team. Share your knowledge with them whenever possible. Even if they don’t want it or don’t ask for it. Take a look at their defense teams. If you see something off in their hero placement, or see that one of their heroes isn’t leveled up all the way and you notice it hasn’t changed over the course of several days? Politely let them know. Like “hey, maybe you should switch X hero for Y hero… and is there a reason why you haven’t been working on Z hero? Because you would probably do a lot more damage with that one being fully leveled up.” Not in a critical way at all - just friendly advice.

Sometimes people forget about their own rosters, or even don’t really know what they’re supposed to be focusing on. Sometimes they’re just afraid to ask for advice because they don’t want to admit that they’re a little lost. The fact that you love the people in your alliance means that you probably have a fairly friendly relationship with them, so if you phrase it correctly, I don’t think anyone would be offended to get advice from someone who is obviously outperforming them. My first alliance’s leader would specifically call people out and tell them, “hey, you know, you might be better off if you did this instead…” Few of us took it as an insult, as we were newbies, so we were happy for any advice that could help us improve our own gameplay.

I mean, I suppose some alliances would just prefer to fight smaller titans and easier wars. But both titan and war levels will adjust based on performance anyway, so whether you have strong players in your alliance or not, you will still end up being challenged to some degree (kill enough 3* titans, you end up with a 4* titan; win enough wars, you end up with a tougher war, etc.). So the only way to really keep the game easy mode all the time is by losing on purpose, which… is kind of pointless, I think. :man_shrugging:


Thanks @udee and @TGW you guys make sense. I dont want to leave my alliance. I do love the group and it is a big reason why im so engaged in the game. After reading many many comments in the forum that alliance is the reason they are still in the game. I get it, and why i will probably stay. I was just looking at war scores and titan scores and made me think maybr they are tired of me with the best score. Anyways appreciate you guys and this forum.


Nah, I don’t think anyone else should be bothered by you getting the highest scores. I usually get the highest scores in my current alliance, but the only reason I got to that point was because I was inspired by those in my former alliance who always got the highest scores. And I just recruited someone from the forum who is giving me quite the challenge on my own scores, which only inspires me to try even harder. Healthy, friendly competition IMO is a good thing as long as there is no trash talking or hard feelings involved.

And hey… if someone else wants a shot at the top score? You can always just take a day off and let the rest of them fight for it. :wink:

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How about this: What is best for you?

If you are the best player by a wide margin and looking to improve in the game than you should move on. You can get much better loot on the higher level alliances.
If advancement in the game is not a priority and you just want to hang out I dont think any of your alliance members will protest. I was in a similar situation with you and I’ve moved on. I am happy with my decision although I had to change couple alliances before I found a home

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You make a decent point, however - I probably should have asked OP how close he is with his fellow alliance members. Keeping in mind that this is a game…

Would you leave behind a group of good friends IRL just to join another group of people you don’t know because they can maybe get you backstage passes at a concert, or into the VIP section of a club? I mean, if your original friends weren’t really close friends to begin with, then sure… you can always make new friends.

But if you really like the people you’re already with? Is there really actually any “potential loot” in this game that can fully take the place of good teammates? Ultimately yes it does come down to how “close” you are with your fellow team members. Some alliances have very real friendships. Some have actual family members. Some are just “acquaintances”. I guess if it’s just an acquaintance thing? Then yeah, you can always find acquaintances elsewhere.


Just go to your level alliance, will be much more fun. I liked my previous alliance, I liked people but I needed more challenge. And I decided try to go to top alliance. Surprise, surprise they took me in. Start was not easy but right now I am stable member of my alliance. Can not imagine myself to go somewhere else :slight_smile:

My advice is to try something higher. In worst case you always can come back to your old alliance.


Not if you’re enjoying this group.
Pretty much i compare this choice as changing your job.

Should i leave my job for another with better salary?
If you like your actual job… is a risk.

You can earn more money, but hate your new coworkers. Or you can enjoy them the same.

When you leave an old road for a new one, you know for sure what you left behind but can’t know for sure what is up ahead.

Personally, it is not a risk i would take if my alliance is really enjoyable.


That’s was where I was in my old alliance. I love them to bits and I’m still in the discord but after a year it wasn’t that I thought I was making it harder for them. It was more I needed a challenge myself. I was hitting the titans for 25% of there health on my own and it just started to get a bit samey and felt a bit like the game was on easy mode.

Deciding to leave was a really horrible decision. I didn’t want to leave them on the lurch but in the end I had to do it for myself.

And what happened to them?? They carried on as normal and some members got elevated in my absence. New people joined and it all carried on. It didn’t collapse and they only dropped back one Titan tier initially.

Long story short you have to do what’s right for you. I’m in a great alliance who are just as friendly as the old one was, just everyone is at my level.


Thank you all much appreciated. You guys are awesome. For now im going to stay. I was looking at the last 3 war scores and thought maybe i shouldnt be here. Titans are more uneven then the war scores. Its tough. I love my crew. They are my friends. But ill be on the lookout…

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Yeah that’s what it’s like down the way a bit. I was always 500+ in wars as you are hitting there big hitters which due to the score weighting are worth a lot.

I’m with Crew-Squires Wardogz now and the most you ever see is like 320 as the scoring is much more evening spread. All teams are 4K plus so you don’t give up more for being that (I used to be worth about 80 odd points in some wars)

Surprised me as you think a big war score is awesome but it’s just a consequence of the scoring at lower levels

Edit…this is our last war. We scored like 5900 overall (we were aiming for 6400) but still got a comfortable win. The top player was 317 points. So it’s a different league to where I was and you are

Thanks @Cheds Yeah we only have 16-20 in war. They were my first alliance and the leaders were great with me. I love giving back to them now. Just a little unsure of my next move which i hate being uncertain. But u guys have all made good pts. Thanks again