Should I keep those duplicate heroes?

If anyone has any suggestions regarding keeping those duplicate heroes or feed them to the appropriate color?

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The correct answer will depend on your full team make-up. You should be trying to level 30-40 heroes to be maximally effective in Alliance Wars. Duplicates are fine to use. Healers especially are valuable (Kiril - keep)

That said I generally support eating pandas.


Keep the falcon and Kiril, you could keep Sonya but depends on what you have. Feed the panda, im inclined to believe the correct response is to feed the first panda as well.


I would keep especially with the war. Having duplicates will come in handy

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I usually keep 1 or 2 dups of most heros.

Regarding the Panda it depends on you other yellows. I have 1 that I use in AW strictly. Outside of Joon and Wu I don’t have much for Yellow. So my Panda stays for now.

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This is the team of heroes that I own so far beside my duplicates & 3* heroes not showing on this picture


I may keep all dups above except Panda.

Keep the first Panda for AW. He would be decent for the 2nd half of the war.

I wish I had kept my 3*'s but got rid of most so I am behind the ball in those terms.

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yes, yes, yes, no. Sorry hu. . .

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Keeping duplicates could be very helpful. For example if you have a lot of caedmon and not a lot of other heroes that take off buff it will be good to keep all (or at least most) so you can always have someone who take off buff for war.

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