Should i keep my 2nd little John

Pulled me a second little john from TC 20 after getting my first from summons. I want to know if i should feed him off because he is not the best in raiding. Too slow for mana to pick up. My first one is already at 3/60, and i have mats to acsend him but im being lazy with him because of his squishiness.

P.S i already have 2 caedmon,Gaderius, and Zahrek. So should i feed him off. Thanx for the input guys

I wouldn’t keep him, done

He miiiiiiiiight be useful in war stacks, but in general a single Little John is sufficient. It depends on if you have the space to store one until later.

You might consider keeping extra 4* for the hero academy if you have space. Remains to be seen.

LJ has I believe (checking), yep the highest AP of all 4* greens. This is important for Titans. I would finish your first one unless you have a better immediate use for the shields.

If you have space keep him. He is ok in the wars and ok against the Titan when maxed. But don’t give him any emblems

No just 1 of him is good. He’s too slow and frail for a 2nd one to be of much use. Best case would be Jack since he’s faster and hits all too, but even lacking Jack, I would ascend Skittleskull before a duplicate John. Just for another effect in your green stack while retaining similar attack power.


Nope :green_heart:

20 Johns fed away…

I didn’t even keep my first one, lol


Well… personally I found my LJ deserving of emblems, because 1) it decently fixes the squishiness, his biggest weakness, to at least a passable level to face 5*, or tougher Titans, and 2) there is no 5* with just this special (I have no mana slowing 5* in my roster, only Leo who can steal some from 1 enemy). And it can even help the mana speed a little if you get that far down the talent tree (this won’t make him fast, but in combination with a mana troop it can make some difference).

Having said that, he is still not best used in all situations, but he can at times be really good especially paired with the right heroes. I do use him in war and for some raid attacks; also he can be quite good against certain bosses in events/quests or season 2 stages, and in a green stack against a blue Titan obviously.

None of this makes the case to keep the 2nd one though, which is what the question is… I would agree the sensible answer is to keep only 1, and yet I would hang on to the 2nd, space being relatively cheap… I did use a 2nd one in war for a time (at 3/60) when I had limited maxed 4*/5*, but not anymore now. And like @TheSchmoo said, there’s the off chance that you could get something useful out of him eventually in the Hero Academy, but that’s nothing but a gamble at this point.