Should i just quit the game?

Seriously, what are the odds of getting the same 5* summon after summon? No other 5 from Avalon

Ps: I gave up atlantis as I get 4+ chochins per summon

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These are probably what you should be playing then.

No offense but nowhere has it ever been stated with this game that you get “rewarded for supporting them”, and thinking that you should be is what is leading to the frustration. All spending does is give you more chances at the same terrible odds. Does buying 100 or 1000 lottery tickets give you better odds than buying one? No.



You can spend money on lots of things ( hero slots, team slots, 75 gem continues for rare quest/ tournaments, avatars, pins, etc.).

But if you spend gems for heroes, you need a very big spending budget because Season 3/ Valhalla summons gate is even more of the same.

Shards and trade ( together they fight crime, er merciless RNG )

It is possible shards may fix this problem ( see notes ), but Hero Academy is unlikely to fix it.

Trade seems to be NO until the buy out is complete.

Fixed price

One of the many reason I am retired in game ( I have not used WE since 2020-Jan-11 ) and semi retired on forums. I find fixed priced games ( Zelda Breath of Wind, Stardew Valley, etc. ) much more relaxing than micro transactions ( though I still play Niantic games with mom ).


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Can’t put it better than this.


This bit was also good :grin:

Next time my kids trip over their laces, I’m going to suggest a Strategic Adjustment to tie their shoes


I appreciate that every one tries to comfort me, and I know the ~1% ods but to be honest it’s not ok. And even if you are free to play or not no one is rly ok with this, most likely accepted it.
I will do the same and stop spending and if I get bored then stop playing.


I feel you… did 30 pulls in Avalon and got Morgan and dupe Khagan,

still feel bad even though I technically beat the odds

I think there needs to be another path to getting the new toys we want. like chasing a specific hero with low odds or choice of hero fragments (???)

That’s probably why Season 3 is coming.

I really am okay with it. (I’m almost F2P - £8.97 total.)

I think this is a smart decision that will make you happier.


This is a common problem with loot boxes


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From a discussion on Pokémon GO shiny hunting ( think cosmetic only costumes).

(Are lootboxes gambling? Australian inquiry)


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Are lootboxes gambling? :thinking:

Only if you pay money for them and aren’t guaranteed the same contents everytime.

This is by definition what a loot box & EnP is :wink:

You spend $$ for gems & then gems for in-game stuff which is not guaranteed to be the same every time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hmmmmm. Could be gambling, then. Guess it’s good to have a game budget and stick to it. :wink:

Edit: And if I buy a bunch of gems and squander them all on loot boxes loaded with 1* crafting items, then teacher needs to take the yardstick and slap me on the back of the hand.

Purice, I have been playing for over 2 years and still not a single Atlantis hero. The only event hero I have is mother north whom I collected at the start of January this year. Otherwise I am playing with all season 1 and HOTM. Does this bother me? no. Does it affect my game play? no. I find other ways to kill those heroes I cannot get. You can gather all the heroes but they will end up like my MN, waiting on mats to ascend. But then that is a different thread, isn’t it?

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I dont get 10 pulls , I’ve done a 10 pull on the last 4 events and not one 5 star and then I do free Atlantis coins and do 1 pull I get a 5 star , I just did a 10 pull for the knight event didnt get nothing but feeders and then before the event ends I get 1 more challenge coin to make it 10 so I get 1 single pull and get guinevere 5 star , I was so happy I got her shes a must have tank I’ve always wanted but I’ve gotten hotm and 5 stars from single pulls not 1 from 1 from a 10 pull so what’s the point of 10 pulls ? I’m now not doing any 10 pulls

Ascend items cost 20-100$ a price depends the pack you get to receive them, it’s a fixed price that you can pay if you don’t want to wait for rng/luck and I’m ok with that, but heroes ? What’s the price for a hero 5-1000$ or more.
Also wasted all the keys I had for costumes today 11 total pulls and no 5* hero, also got 26 heroes out of TC20 and got only Horghall, that I already have (not planning to level him up).
Disappointment increases.

Total luck…people do ten pulls because there is a cost break. There is no more or no less luck than doing 10 single pulls. All my 5* heroes from summoning have come from 10 or 30 pulls except 1: I got Alasie on a single token during Atlantis last year.

It may not have anything to do with it, but I’ve wondered if a Coin pull from an earned coin in battle carries more weight in the summon than a quickie on a gem-purchased 10-pull. I hear what you’re saying. I don’t think the data supports that one way or the other, but maybe I can just tell myself, “You earned this Epic summon token! You fought for it! Now, go out there and not get Bane!”

In which I pull Prisca instead… :blush:

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This month all the 5* heros that I got were 4 hotm

That is 4 more 5* heroes than many of us got this month. I spent up my saved gems and challenge coins, and got Sir Lancelot, and that’s it.

I understand that you spend a lot, but there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get the hero you really want anytime soon, unless it’s a S1 4* hero or lower, and you’ve got TC’s that can make them reliably. Eventually you should get all the s1 4* and below, but it will take time.

Simple answer: if you’re unhappy with playing the game, then there’s little point in forcing yourself to continue (despite what you may have spent already). You have to know when to let go for your own sake.

Waffle incoming. :smile:

I personally spend very little in the game. I used Challenge coins for one Avalon pull and got my first Avalon 5* character. My previous Challenge coin rolls were underwhelming to say the least.

I second nevarmaor’s comment here. There is no memory mechanic.

I know a game which does use a purchase memory mechanic, so in E&P’s terms you get a non-duplicate 5* within 20 pulls. As you may surmise it means the more 5s you have, the more likely you’ll get a 5 you don’t have. Good for long term players, negligible for new players (unless they spend goodness knows how much). Personally think it tends towards a pay to win model as a result, but each to their own.

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