Should i just quit the game?

After pulling 50+ at february Atlantis for delilah not not getting any 5* except hero of the month twice, witch is not that good, and doing @50 more pulls at the knights of a Avalon for guinevere and not getting any 5* except hotm twice again, I wonder should I quit this game and give my attention to another game where I receive something from my money ?

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The new reduced odds are definitely making a difference. I’ve summoned around 35-38 times so far this Knights event. 3 repeat 4*'s and everything else old school 3*'s. It truely is ridiculous to get 5 Berdens in a 10 pull along with 2 Banes and 2 Buchan and Gunner. I’m just doing single pulls now but all I’ve gotten is feeders. Not at all thinks of quitting though, I’d have to find something else to spend this kind money on. Lol

It depends whether this is meant as a venting thread (which I’d merge), or an appeal for actual personal advice (which could stay on its own).

I’ll see where it heads in the next couple of hours, and then decide. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You certainly could.

Are there reasons you’d want to consider staying?

Would you also consider just spending less money on the game, and just working with what you have more?


I was saving diamonds and tokens for February for over 5 months. I have Poseidon, Gravemaker, Lianna and Seshat maxed with emblems and Ariel would be the cherry on the cake for me.

Finally a good 5* healer and finally a good 5* blue. Two in one to make my team my kind of dreamteam.

But, no surprise, no Ariel. Spent all my tokens and diamonds and believe me, it was a lot, although for me. I was sad, really sad.

But I decided that Ariel was simple not meant to be and now I switched my mindset and play with my maxed and emblemed Vela in stead of my 4* healer Sabina.

So…no healer but a beautiful and strong rainbow. I had to change my way of playing and raiding but I still stay in diamond league without big problems and guess what, with the same or even more fun than before (because of the change being it less boring).

LS:DR yes quit…or change your way to play and have fun again.

And Ariel, maybe she will come one day to my roster but hey, Vela is a very cool girl too :slight_smile:


So THAT’S why I literally pulled three Renfelds from my last Knights of Avalon 10-pull! Well, I did get my first Lancelot and a 2nd Merlin and 3rd Bauchan (4th if I count the one I fed off). No 5*s, though. Oh, well. I’m not a hero chaser, so that’s that.

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Well if I change my mind set and play the game but stop spending, and receive 1 5* hero here and there, will not be fun at all, bacause even if you play passive tokens and some gems are piling up and after 6 months of gathering, you decide to spend for something and get nothing the frustation will be there waiting for you.
This is as much as a personal note as a call for some one from the game to give me some answers, What are they expecting from me to quit or keep playing and spending ?
Because if they want me to keep playing I need to know that the money will give me something in return other than frustration, I play to relax and I can say that after playing this weekend the game and making the pulls I’m not relaxed at all.
Btw I did 130 pulls for mother north during December and no Santa and no mother north, also did 50 pulls for panther and got Vela and some season 1 5* heroes, I play for over 1 year and I do not have any 5* hero from any event.

Not even Atlantis?

This month all the 5* heros that I got were 4 hotm 1 is all ready max and the rest are waiting for hero academy or food if I still play when hero academy comes out.

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But you said you’ve been playing for over a year and haven’t landed a 5* hero from any event. Atlantis is a monthly event non-S1. You don’t have any 5* Atlanteans?

It’s easy to look at results and say hmm. I’ve played 14 months, very active. Got Kunchen Margaret Margaret and vanilla 5s. Got all the vanilla 4s except WuKong. Chance that WuKong would be the one missing, 1/22. Got all the Atlantis 4* except Proteus. Chance of getting all the other 4* before Proteus and before any Atlantis 5*, around 2%. So, apparently I can’t expect things to go like that going forward, but they might, and of course odds remain long on filling in those missing 4*. So season three heroes are where my main new chances are. Each of us need to take emotion out and coldly consider the prospects for each future dollar spent and reckon whether it’s worth it.


I haven’t noticed. What odds were reduced?


If you want a specific 5*, like Panther or Guinevere, your odds got longer. So, if not having those heroes hurts your standing, it’s harder to catch up just by throwing money at the problem.

(BTW, I’m C2P, so not same scenario as OP.)

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It’s impossible to chase for a specific hero. You’re either going to spend $1000 or you’re just not going to get it. Maybe not even then. To me, that’s not worth it.

You did really well, you got 4 HOTM. Some people literally get nothing, or perhaps a bad classic hero.

Imo, if you want to spend your money wiser, do 10 pulls until you get the HOTM, then stop for that month, and save your gems for the next month. That way you get lots of great heroes and no feeders.

I think Jean-Francoise is a great hero, you’re lucky. I’m sure you could even use 2 of him.


If you have to spend to have fun then this is probably not the game for you. If you have to win to have fun this is likely not the game for you. You need to reassess what you put into the game versus what you get out of it and decide if it is worth it.

From what you have written I would hazard to guess that it is not.


So what do you think f2p (like myself) do? I surely can’t say it’s not fun playing the game with only a few 5*s game gave me. I can assure you rest f2p can confirm it.

And btw limited hero roster do not stop me being competitive everywhere i decide to. It’s not about what you have. It’s about how you can use it. But of course if you want 5*s for collection purposes, then probably not receiving them will not be fun at all.

Your money, your choice and also your responsibility for that choice made. :slight_smile:


I agree with @nevarmaor: if summoning 5* is a key point of the game for you, then it might be hard to enjoy the game.
I prefer looking at it the other way: try to get maximum from the heroes I’ve got and continue getting.

You’ll never have all the heroes you’d like.


I’ve got posseidon from Atlantis and the rest of my 5* heros are hotm or s1 heroes, and you can only be happy for 1 hotm the rest that you get are good but not exactly needed, seshat for example is good to have 2 or more Jean is not that great.
But after talking about my issue with the game made me get to an ultimatum if no one from the game will contact me, witch let’s be honest no one will, if I don’t get the costume for Vivica I think I’ll stop playing.
Btw if you don’t get hotm in 50-100 pulls over a month is rly rly bad.
I already started to play a different game a few months ago and I’m more satisfied then here with the return of the money and the free to play rewards.

Ofcourse, you can be f2p and be happy but if you decide to spend some money it should give you something more, right?

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