Should i hold out on ascending these 5*s?

Hi all.
Im c2p and have been on the game for 6months or so.
I have a tc20 running and a 2nd one in the oven.

I have 4 5*s
Magni (which i got really early on)
Kadilen (from tc20)

I have enough ascension mats to bring 1 of each color to max (took me 6months)

My question is, if you only had a chance to max 1 5* of each color, who would it be? Only considering vanilla heroes for now as a result of 2x tc20 running. I would consider the hotm and other special event heroes to be bonus only.

Should i max the ones that i have? Or hope that the “ideal” vanilla 5* comes along?

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Magni and Marjana are pretty high end vanilla for their colors. Magni is a bit of a glass cannon, but fast and hits hard. Marjana is my favorite red 5* vanilla (or “classic”, or Season 1)

Kadilen is not the best vanilla green, but may work well with your current heroes.

Grazul or Marjana?


Short answer: No.

Reason being as you are C2P so your best bet is to play with what you got :slight_smile:
Ascension materials is a cyclical process… You level up heroes to perform better to get more materials to level up more heroes to perform better to get more materials etc…

So with that being said:

  • Magni - He’s a really strong hero, vanilla or extended. The fast mana sniping will serve you well in raids, tournaments, events and titans. I wouldn’t hesitate to ascend him. Best suited to a Flank position but have seen him perform pretty OK at tank (due to the defence buff and revive talent).
  • Kadilen - Also a pretty strong hero in the vanilla range. Often she’s under-rated but that DoA is pretty powerful… especially coupled with a team ability to absolutely NUKE any incoming special skill damage. She’s best suited to a flank/wing position

Then comes the tough one… Marj & Grazul…

  • Marjana - Fast sniper with decent damage and OK DoT.
  • Grazul - Very Fast small healer with status Ailment Block, natural resistance to Heal Modifiers & an elemental link
    My advice would be to take both to 3/70 then evaluate which is going to be needed most in terms of your play style. Both are best suited to flanking support roles.

I was “assuming”, ehehe, that i would get more 5* heroes when i get 2 tc20s running, thinking that it would be easier to get 5* heroes than ascension mats.

How about for other colors? Ideal puple and yellow? Was thinking of viv and sartana. Any thoughts?

Never assume :stuck_out_tongue:

You will eventually get the heroes but yeah, use what you got cause you’ll need the higher powered heroes to get more materials.

Ideally? I would say:

  • Yellow - Vivica or Justice (you don’t really have a good tank & either will suffice). Leo & Joon will also complement your other snipers nicely.
  • Purple - Definitely Sartana. Other vanilla purples aren’t much to write home about.
  • Green - Lianna
  • Red - Marjana (but you already got her so probably Azlar)
  • Blue - Richard (If you don’t get another decent tank, Richard will more than suffice… the Paladin class & naturally tanky stats coupled with an annoying Attack Debuff…)

I think I agree with most of what is said here, especially what @Guvnor said about tc20 – I have had one tc20 running a long time, and it has never yielded a 5* hero (I honestly cannot recall a 4* either, but I won’t stake my life on that). With one 5* from a tc, I think you’re already lucky. So, work with what you have.

I would say that I love Marjana. There may be better 5* reds, but I think she can make a case for herself as the best vanilla 5* red.

I don’t have Magni, but would like his speed in attack. I do have Richard and Isarnia, but not maxed. For reasons that may not be the best, I opted to promote Frida and King Arthur. If I had had Magni, I would have maxed him, for sure.

In my opinion, none of the vanilla 5* greens are game changers. I have Horghall and Elkanen whom I have maxed out. Still, if I see either of them on the other side, I breath a sigh of relief that they are not Lianna. The greens I really hate to face are Mother North, Gregorion, and Alberich… especially Alberich. Still, you need a green, so if Kadilen is who you have, I would max her out.

I maxed out Joon, and never looked back. He’s great in raids and he is great against titians.

I maxed Hel and Seshat in favor of Sartana, but she’s next if I ever find two more tabards and a tome of tactics.

Let us know what you choose to do.

Good luck.

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Why not wait and keep collecting mats for your 5* heroes and work on your 4*? With only that many I’ll assume you haven’t been playing all that long. You get a ton of Atlantis coins along the way and collecting emblems long the way is acceptable as well. I’d never level a sub par 5* when you could wait for the one you want.


I’d work on getting them to 2.60 and then 3.70 and figure out what you like. All of them are at least decent.

If I had Marjana or Grazul I’d max them both. Working on final Kadilen ascension right now, and Magni is at 3.70, waiting for a decision between Richard & Him as to which one is my next blue.

So you’ve played this game for 6 months or so. That’s great! But the most prudent and wise advise I could give you is to hold on to all your ascension materials yet, or hoard them still. Level, ascend and max 4 to 5 teams of rainbow 4 star heroes. Yeah, I know you may be thinking that it’s too much. But by doing so, it gives you depth and variety using various heroes and will be able to learn their skills and how they synergize among other heroes, specially when you learn stacking. Moreover, focusing on your 4 star heroes minimizes, if not avoid, being frustrated with the game for lack of ascension materials when your 5 star heroes are stumped at 3.70. Once you have 4-5 rainbow teams of 4 star heroes, start working with your 5 star heroes.

Season 1 Five Star Heroes to Max:

Blue: (1) Magni; and (2) Isarnia.
Green: (1) Lianna; and (2) Elkanen.
Red: (1) Marjana; and (2) Azlar.
Purple: (1) Sartana; and (2) Domitia or Quintus.
Yellow: (1) Joon; and (2) Vivica.

Season 2 Five Star Heroes to Max:

Most are viable heroes but the most commonly avoided and hated heroes are: Mok-Arr and Atomos. The most prized season 2 five star heroes NOT in the following order are (1) Kageburado, (2) Ariel, (3) Poseidon, (4) Ursena, (5) Tarlak, and (5) Mitsuko.

Most, if not all, Heroes of the Month (HOTMs) are better than classic. But there’s always an exception. Be mindful that someone’s trash is another one’s valuables. As they’ve said, the best heroes are the ones you have.


I will consider myself very lucky actually as I already am in the process of levelling my 2nd-3rd 4* per color.
I have an emblemed 4rainbow setup as my go to team. Really lucky considering all the posts i have been reading about how some have problems getting even 4s

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Magni for sure.

If you lack damage dealers then go for Marjana.
If not, Grazul can be a lifesaver especially during offense.


I have finished s2 normal mode and im midway through the hard mode, and (following thread advice) poured all gems and atlantis coins into atlantis summons. Sadly, i havent been lucky there. All i have is sumitomo and gaderius (looking for that wilbur and proteus). Haha… RNG right? That was why I was resigned to settle for not getting any special/event heroes and just look forward to getting the vanilla ones.

You think a kadilen-grazul combo would work?

Play with what you have. Maxed 5* will get you more mats, you will score higher on titans etc. As for waiting for “better heroes” I think only P2W and whales are on this position

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Not really. Do you have a purpose when composing a team?

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Nice e-man!!! This really is a game of patience and I know it’s so hard to resist to want to be better instantly. But if you give yourself time you’ll be happier in the long run. Better heroes will come.

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I got over 50 5* but these are maxed kunchen Frida Morgan Guinevere domitia marjana elkanen kadilen anzhog and maybe a couple of other ones. The game got to big to play the profiles properly but I started these profiles so I’m stuck. Wish I had them all the same profile. Which skills work for you and which cards you have those take to the max. 5* are hardly vanilla. Lots of luck keep building the war never stops. Tc 20 is nice sometimes 5* come I used about a months worth of recruits to fill up most are 3* that come but magni horghall azlar lianna Joon vivica Elena all possible pulls of any feature 5*. I don’t hold back feed esta feed was what I was told and that’s what I do. I actually get more excited seeing 2* food than I thought I would.

Yeah, maybe you were unlucky a few pulls but being half way through hard mode is awesome and you’ll get lots more coins over the next three four months completing it. Wait on mats, save coins and do more pulls Atlantis where they have S2 heroes featured … be patient!!! Also gets you chances at HOTM… they’re usually good. One more thing, take your time and read the forumns about heroes - take the advice of guys who know. There is a lot of bad advice on here but there’s also a lot of good advice. Listen to guys like rigs zephyr Kerridoc they won’t steer you wrong when it comes to game mechanics/characters. If you run Line app contact me @texas1970 I’ll hook you up where you get solid advice and help.

Right now i run 2healers, 2snipers and an xfactor… namely: sabina+7, boldtusk+7, magni3/70, caedmon+7, and wu kong+7. This team is helping me push the map and generally for raids also. I substitute sabina for tibertus+7 for titans- when the specials of wu bt and tibs hit… oh boy!!

Don’t underestimate Domitia and leonidas. I have Domitia at +8 and is great. I run 3 tc20 and will collect my 300th hero in my next 30x in about 8 days. I don’t have sartana yet but love domitia. Hits nice, debuffs and gives defends vs holy to 3. With emblems she also has better stats and evade which is great.
I don’t have Leo but I have joon +9, Vivica 3.70, justice x 2 1.1 but I would love Leo. I think of him like domitia vs sartana. Joon is great but don’t ignore Leo. He does decent damage cuts mana and heals himself.

I also have Magni +9 and he’s great. I up his defenses to get him sturdy. I just finished kadilen after doing lianna and she’s not bad either. She’s not zeline or Evelyn but she’s also free and in my roster so I use her. The attack is nice plus her defense to all helps too.

I would use Grazul since marjana can be covered by other snipers. A whole team of attackers is great but you should have a healer too. Grazul is unique imo. Marjana is one of the 5 original snipers and the weakest at that.

Keep running tc20 and good luck.


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