Should I go for Kingston or Neith?

Hi everyone…

Should I focus all my effort in getting Kingston or will it be a better idea to focus on Neith (HOTM for November) instead?

I am hoarding gems right now to do a focus summoning to get Kingston. But that is until I read about Neith, a HOTM coming in November.

For your information… my roster of 5* are:

Lianna at 3/70
Miki at 2/60
Khagan at 2/60
Leonidas at 1/1
Grazul at 1/1

Didn’t really have a good luck in summoning 5* all these time.

Not a deep bench. But I do have A LOT OF good 4* bench.

Any thoughts?

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The unfortunate truth is you can find yourself with many heroes but not enough AM. Seems like you may be heading down that path. Sounds like you’re only going to pull one month unless luck strikes fast. Well, what else do you need? Does zimkithy or Evelyn rub you right? How about pirates? Or morlovia?

I can tell you what I’m doing. I too have been hoarding gems. I’m over 16k now and 14 tokens. I have a yellow HOTM - onatel. I also have Joon and Vivica. Green is my weakest as I only have hatter and Elk. I like hatter but elk typically rides the bench in favor of buddy, Hansel, or gaderius. I plan to pull in October. I’ll only pull in July if I get really lucky early in October.

Note I do have other undeveloped 5*. I only named my fully leveled ones. More proof that AM is the wall and not heroes.


You should go after both and Neither: you could really need an attack reducing sniper and a crowd control hero but seems that you also lack many other heroes.
So… go after both but you should know that it isn’t easy to pull a 5* hero, be it a HOTM or not.

However Neith would be a nice starting point to build a 5* team around her, with Grazul flanking her.


Kingston is very good even in comparison to other hotm. If you’re going for one, I’d try for him but like @FraVit93 said, neither hero will completely change your team. Kingston should go great with lianna.

With recent trends on featured hotm, expect eve available in November at the same time as neith and she will go tremendously with your greens as well as on titans. You’ll be hunting aegir tanks with eve lianna plus caedmon / Hansel / elk / kadilen / Kingston

Leo is not bad but you don’t need to rush to lvl him neither