Should I get the army pack for a last x10?

I doubt… €33 for a last chance to get Guinevere

My only 2 5*s are aeron and aeron…

Currently Lvl 17

5 hours left to decide

I bought it for the same reason along with all 5 of the 1.99. I don’t spend much on the game so I try to get the best deal. I think I’m going to hold on to them until next month. I would get the deal and then decide what to do with it.

It’s your wallet. No one can tell you to spend or not spend it. :wink:

  • Does your monthly gaming budget permit that?
  • Do you have the ascension materials to ascend her to a good level?
  • Do you want her right now or you could wait for another event for a chance to a different HOTM?

True, don’t have any materials yet :frowning: maybe better to wAit for another hotm & better offer

I don’t want a third aeron

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Since you are Lv17 dont do it! You cant Level her up eitherway

I am level 36 and have all the ascension mats, bought the offer and tried another x10 + 2 single:
Little John, Kiril, Kelile and Lancelot
Rest 3*
Wish I hadn’t spent, but talking after is easy…

I generally purchase all the special offers that come up. Unless it’s an event I usually don’t care about using the gems for pulls only to buy energy to keep farming and getting chests. If you have the funds available and want to have a go at getting Gunni, then I say go for it.

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