Should I fully ascend Zeline

Should I fully ascend Zeline or wait for Gregorion? Assuming I can get him

Yes. Next question?

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Yes, the caveat being it also depends on what other people you have.

Yes, yes and yes.

And in my opinion, in this rare situation, it does not matter who else you have in your lineup. Green light all the way for Zeline.


I got Zeline at 3/70. I am waiting on Greg, just because I suck at hitting Blue titans

Personally Greg is the biggest HOTm for a long while

I decided to go for Zeline because I use her every day and have her on my defense team at diamond tier even at 3/70. Gregorian’s special would be very nice if I can get him, but his biggest benefit to me would for be for titans only, and he will still have the most useful effects at 3/70 without that final ascension.

I don’t know if you can make a decision until Gregorian actually is available given there is always the chance he will be changed from beta.

Thanks for the replies

Zeline is so good, she borders on being overpowered. Gregorion is, based on my experience with him in beta, not as transformative a hero. With her fast mana, she not only does a fair bit of damage but also (a) reduces attacks and (b) strips buffs. While (b) isn’t important for current titans, (a) certainly is. Both effects are devastating in raids and wars, particularly at upper levels where there are many heroes that cast specials with lots of buffs (Alberich, Ares, Guinevere, to name the most egregious examples).

Greg suffers a bit by being an average mana sniper—nearly all other single-target heroes are fast mana. Greg is better than Zeline against titans, though less than he might first appear. Tiles that fall on the weak spot automatically crit, so Greg’s special is a little less powerful than it may appear. Still if, like me, you’re missing Lianna from your team, he is a good addition.

Bottom line: Zeline is better unless Titan hits are the driving focus of your team plan.


Thank you for your detailed response

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