Should I feed Rokkamush to Guardian Falcon

I know it sounds crazy (it probably is) but should I feed Rokkamush to help Guardian falcon, as most people seem to think Rokkamush is not very good? Help!!

I think it’s completely a roster dependent question. If you have a developed roster and no need for more red four options sure go ahead, but he’ll be equivalent to what a one star trainer in the levelling of Falcon?

Generally speaking though I’d go with if your unsure keep, it’s not like he’s an S1 3* that you’ll get anywhere…


Yes. I sincerely dislike this type of RNG-ness bordering on unreliability… Wu kong is one thing but to completely miss after charging seriously dis-satisfies me…

As for Wu Kong, i only get to use him on purple titans, otherwise not at all.

Yeah I ate Rokkamush, just like I ate Ingolf lol I don’t know what to think now haha. If your roster space not gonna be a problem just keep him there? Who know they’ll triple his damage at some point :sweat_smile:

I don’t see the relevance of your answer as I am asking about Rokkamush and Guardian Falcon ??

Yes, i meant that in my opinion, you should feed rokkamush to g.falcon. Apologies for digressing into wu kong. But i was just trying to describe how i felt about the RNGness of Rokkamush.

RNGness? Sorry for being dumb I haven’t seen that description before

Rokkamush hits with 50% accuracy. So its either a hit or a miss. And RNG determines which 50% applies. RNG=Random number gererator- or others would refer to this as luck.

So the special skill of Rokkamush is luck-based. He can either hit all heavily or completely miss everyone (and in the process waste your move/charge)

Thanks for the clarification

No worries this forum was where i learned about RNG as well… i kept reading about “so and so is determined by RNG” and i initially though RNG meant random number guy. :sweat_smile: haha… like literally a guy determines the fate of all in the game.

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