Should I even bother with Horghall?

My only green 5* is (sadly) Horghall. Is he worth the ascension materials, or should I try (wait) for a better 5*?

I have Caedmon maxed, Little John at 3/39, Skittleskull at 3/60, and Melendor and Kashhek waiting in the wings.
I have 13 Sturdy Shields and 4 Mysterious Tonics. LJ is definitely getting 4 Shields and my instincts are to work on Melendor next and leave Skittle where (s)he is. I like the looks of Kash, but I can’t see him on anything but raid defense.

If you can get him to 80, yes he’s a tank


Go for Lj and Mel.
When you have done with them (and have all the tonics) you can think what you want to do next.

For now, wait and see.

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I put Horgall above Kadelin and Elk. Since not all of us were lucky enough for Zeline or Alby, he’s really only behind Lianna (as far as regular summoned heroes go).


The rule of thumb is that you’ll get three shields per tonic. If your luck follows that pattern, then you’ll get at least four more shields before you finish your tonic set.

That suggests you can relatively safely use 8 shields on 4* heroes. I like @Elpis ‘s suggestion of LJ and Melendor. Then work Horghall up to 3/70, unless you’re lucky enough to get a better 5* by then.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! While I’d love to score Lianna, I’ll not hold my breath for her. I had a general plan and you all have validated that.

Give him to me yah lol

Are others of the view that Horghall is still ascension worthy in this current climate?

I just pulled him and am looking forward to hearing thoughts from veterans

Even though he’s my only green 5* I am going to take my time with levelling him


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I also want to know!

Horghall is my very first (and one of only two) 5* heroes in 7 months. I have not enough tonics, but I’m uncertain of upgrading him to 3-70 though for the moment.

My other greens are Caedmon (max+6), Jack O’Hare (max +7). On my 4* bench waiting are Gobbler, another Jack O’Hare, Skittles and Little John.
Not sure if I want another slow aoe hitter (have Li Xiu and Hu Tao for the moment) so I think about getting Horghall to the next level…
I personally see his usefulness over my other 4* greens…

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I think you’ll get more utility from Caedmon and LJ at level 70. After final ascension to 4/80 Horghall is clearly better.
Also keep in mind that emblem costs on 4* are a lot lower.

Wait for something better, he is hopeless. I would use mats on the other 4* way before bothering with him. Mind you I have Hansel Lianni and the Hatter, so maybe a different perspective.


LOL not ‘maybe’ , ‘definitely’ a different perspective. If I had hatter or Lianna I’d not post on this thread at all. :joy:

I probably wouldn’t even tell anyone I got Horghall :joy::rofl:


I know you’re trying to be funny, but the OP and others are clearly excited to get Horghall. No need to trample on their happiness in such an adolescent fashion.

That said, he was my first 5* too. He has a lot of good qualities—he tanks really well, the attack debuff can really help in a battle, and Let’s face it, he’s a handsome son of a gun.

I will say that I have never maxed him even after nearly 2 years of playing. The biggest reason is that there was always someone more deserving of the tonics—while waiting for my 6th one, Lianna showed up (thank you TC20) and Lianna vs. Horghall is really no contest. That has happened 2 more times too, with Elkanen and then with Margaret. So he sits at 3-70, waiting to be called up to the big leagues, knowing he has untapped potential.

I’m not sure I will ever ascend him. His offense is just too weak and I have more than enough green tanks. Maybe someday, if I get 6 tonics sitting there unissued, and/or he gets a buff, it might be a different story.

But I will point out that Horghall simply doesn’t fit my playing style. Maybe he fits yours better. And even at 3-70, he’s still a reasonable tank and useful in war. Only you know how you play though.

Congrats on the 5* pull! Hope you get many more!

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He was my first 5* I pulled roughly 1.5 years ago. Yet he still sits 2/60. He can be ok as tank at 4/80 I think if you have no other options but in my book he is the least desired green 5* in the game because he is slow and has weak tiledamage. That makes him not good for raid and titan ;-/

I didn’t target the OP.

I’m saying, when you have the luxury of Lianna or Hatter it’s easy to say Horghall is a waste of space as @jon1 said above.

My comment is aimed at those who want to trash Horghall in circumstances when Horghall is a player’s only green 5* solution

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I took him to about 3/70 when he was my only 5* green with full intentions of maxing him.
With about 400 exp. to go my TC20 popped up Lianna… I topped off his exp. Set him kindly on the “do not ascend” shelf and never looked back.

I’ve been able to use him in my green mono stack at War, though he and Skittleskull served the same purpose. But that’s about all I’ve used him for.

With the greens I have today I thank my lucky stars I didn’t max him. But I’ve seen him pop up on defense teams, and they’ve held their own.

I liken it to my Obakan. Took me 7 - 8 months for my first 5*. I’d rather the mats for other purples now, but Obakan got me over that first hump, and I can still find a place for him in a lineup.

If you’re a player struggling to get past a barrier, and your heroes are limited, bite the bullet, hate yourself later, but appreciate where he can get you in the meantime.

Better play will bring better rewards, better rewards will bring better play. If you need that, and he can do that for you, level him.


I’ve had the same dilemma with Anzogh.
I decided to give him the mats simply because he is my only red 5 *.
Found a way to build a team to accomodate him and so far, he served me well.
Added some depth in AW and stacking.

The best hero are those in our possesion. Just a matter of finding a way around. And Horghall can be very useful in platinum arena where there are more 4 *s.

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I use him. I like him in wars, trials, and challenge events. He’s a tank. He soaks damage. He can take a hit from a classed Kage and still have 1/3rd of his health left. Survivability cannot be understated. It’s not all about offense.


If you are F2P you haven’t got much of a choice so just take what you get. But if you have got any other option than Horghall, stay away from him.

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