Should i emblem Proteus?

Oh, but he defintely is IMO.

With 700+ attack base (that’s without emblems) and with mana freeze ability (walking time stopper) I take him to all my yellow titans.

Like events, map stages, titans and raids (like any other hero, there is not a universal soldier for raids, but agains the likes of Aegir he shines).

Thank yu for helping my point, even if you DO have Hel, Proteus will be used in some scenarios Hel won’t.


I take Proteus at every titan, unless is purple titan. For a smart player, yes, he is a must in titan team. You gain a lot of extra time keeping the titan special away, because we know how annoying are these animations and how long they last. Besides, has a nice tile damage.

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Problem with quoting is cuting a part of the text. Basically we say the same thing. What i added is on long term there is better options in purple.

Once again read what I wrote… He will not help to finish behind the one min timer you want to break in challenge.

Thanks for all the replies. I have 2 Domnitias, Tiburtus, Rigard and Proteus maxed. I think after reading this thread I need to give Proteus some emblems. Currently I am placing my emblems on Onathel.

Here you go, your whole paragraph, and no, we are not saying the same thing. I don’t think I’ll ever take those emblems from him… why? because they take care of his only weakness, that you accurately mention, his squeashiness.

Ah, you mean finish event challenges in the top postiions… well, I think the 0,01% of the players who finish events in top positions don’t even use Hel, for what I’ve seen, it’s basically snipers and splash hitters.

Also, I don’t think a hero should be considered worthy or not based upon event challenges other than a regular fight.

Gravemaker is one of the BEST heroes in the game, and his DOT definitely does not help you to finish top 10 in events.

Bottomline: Proteus is a Multitask hero, and he deserves the emblems, and to keep them, at least as of today, surpassed only by Hel in what he does.


Oh, I’ve almost missed a Proteus topic.

Yes, you should!

#ProteusKing !!!

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I bring him is most raids and I’m at 2500-top ranking and rarely lose. Of course I run two healers (one being MN).

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Well, my experience could tell your experience she’s wrong… def/hp Proteus easily hold his ground in the 2500 - 2700 zone. Using a heavy emblemed Proteus in platinum is like using a nuke in a street brawl… pour bastards wouldn’t knew what hit them. My Proteus keeps the emblems. Isarnia, Sartana and Kiril are on the waiting list…

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You can reclaim emblems for some gems and about 5% of the emblems. For the value add… I am using 4* hero’s, giving them all the emblems I have. As soon as I have a 5* maxed, I will transfer them.

I’m new so let me know if I’m off track

I seem to get a lot of purple too

You’re not off track. Reseting talent trees is a common practice, but using a reset token for that is the best way to do it. It will spare you the gem fee, but more important, the 5% emblem loss you suffer when reseting with gems. Also, there are some 4* worth keeping the emblems, like Proteus, Wilbur or Boldtusk. Their special skills are so amazingly useful that they are worth keeping emblemed.

I seriously doubt, but hope, I get a third and fourth Proteus next Atlantis.

But my main Proteus is +15. And my other Proteus is +6… going the opposite path of the main.

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I a one Proteus but he has been on hold. Maybe I should reconsider and level him up.

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I 100% disagree with this… There is no point taking Proteus on titan hits for the ONLY purpose of blocking mana… Yes I can see him being useful in titans but not useful enough to replace another STRONG coloured hero…

In my opinion, his most useful function is in completing Event & Seasonal Challenges. Also very handy in completing Season 2 both Easy & Hard mode.

To answer the OP question, yes if you have no 5* Wizard, I would go and toss some emblems at Proteus.


I have the same experience, my +18 def/hp Proteus usually survives long enough in Raids to fire at least once, even against opponents at 2500-2700. He died easily before the emblems, but with the additional defense/health he manages quite well.


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