Should i emblem Proteus?

@all proteus lovers:

how many do you have?

i have one maxed and emblemed (+6 - def and health) … my main Proteus for just everything
i have a 2nd one maxed and no emblems - for wars
i have a 3rd one at 2-60 (will be maxed when mats are there) - for wars
i have a 4th one at 1-1 - not sure if i should max him as well for wars…

i have as well 3 Rigards maxed (1 with emblems… and i usually take Proteus out together with Rigard…

how abaout you ?


I have 1 Proteus+20 and 2 Rigards one maxed and the other at 1/1, got my first rigard about a month ago.

I have 1 Proteus maxed +3
1 at 3/51
4 at 1/1

Must have fed around 5 - 6.

I have one +18 (will bring him to +19 when the mana troops catch up, so maybe in 5 years or so? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol

And a second at +3

I sometimes use both together during class quests, epic tier of challenge events, and raid tournaments. Double Proteus for the win :slight_smile:

Definitely worth it.

Unless you have Hel, there is no 5* that can replace him so far.

I have 5, but I have many purple project and also want focus on variety and also for trial quest, here is my list project level:

Notes: I need more dup Rigard.

Hel can not use in Epic Event Challange and also Tournament with 4* restrict.

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Proton Canon…


And already sturdier @+10 than the all att +20.


@Olmor, well I will stop my 1st Proteus to +14 then, and the rest for 2nd, 3rd, etc. Nice and good idea. Btw how many 4* purple maxed you start leveling 2nd Proteus? I can’t wait to level my 2nd.

I probably won’t do any more, since I have multiple other dark projects. Purple is by far my strongest color.


I agreed with everything you said until the end when you said stop at 18. If you, like me, almost always bring him on offensive raids then the 20 node is worth it. That last node adds 28 points to attack. That is a pretty good bump to tile damage. To me it’s worth taking your most used heroes up to max levels. And when I get that level 17 mana troop it will make even more sense (at lvl 14 now). The +20 card I showed above is 100% defense/health route.

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You got a point, +28 attack is always welcomed, except I need 110 emblems for that. That’s two nodes for Isarnia or Sartana or 5 nodes for Kiril, and I can’t afford that. So I’ll stick by my previous statement. +18 is good enough for the def/hp path of Proteus.

Also, my best purple troop is critical lvl.17, while my mana troop is lvl.7, so it won’t be 17 for a very long time…


Thanks everyone for your answers. Emblemed him and will continue doing it !


There are many questions here, first who are you supposed to emblem ?

You’re saying you use Proteus everywhere ATM, so use your emblems on him. And overall you should use your emblems on heroes you use the most. No matter who is the heroe, if you use him almost everyday, it’s better to have him emblemed than let them sleep.

Once said, is Proteus deserves emblems ? I think almost everybody told you how good he is. Long story short:

  • he freez mana
  • decent attack base, relevant in a stack

But I don’t think he’s an emblemed owner for long term. Looking on every aspect of the game, he’s not a must in a titan team and you’ll find someone else who brings more in long terms.

If he’s relevant to support on rare quest and challenge quest at the begining, well as rare quest are easy you’ll not need him for long. On challenge he can help, but the goal here is speed and Proteus is not relevant to compet (meaning reloaded several boards until you can set your combos as quick as possible).

On raids, he will help you to progress at least he’s a good bet for platinium. But in high diamond it’s more a gamble. Main issues with prot are he is squeeshie and average.
You won’t freez fast heroes with lvl 30 mana troops before they are triggered, plus Proteus often dies before any use.

In general in high raids you want to bring heroes who makes sens regarding the opponant team. For instance you want to use Rigard when you’re facing a flanck or wing Gravemaker (well you want to use rigard anyway cause GM is everywhere…), the problem with proteus is you can’t bring him for a specific task: is not a counter and well if he’s still in my purple stack it’s because of his attack base.

He’s this kind of heroe who shines at a specific moment of the game but seeing his use decreasing on long term. In many aspects he’s the opposite of Merlin. Merlin is not really a good bet early on, but when you start to face heavily emblemed Mother North he counters her so hard that you want to keep him with you.

To summurize, use emblems on Proteus but plan to move them on in long terms.

I almost always (95%) bring Proteus in Raid, and I’m at Diamond arena, around 2400-2600.


If it’s true then you should explain cause my experience between 2500- 2700 tells me he can’t stand.

@Ziel05, currently I’m happy with diamond arena, and do not care much how high the throphy. The point is Proteus not in Platinum arena, thats what I mean.

Well my view is he helped me a lot in platinum and was a must. Now where i am in still in my purple stack till i have something better.

Yes, and we use what we have right? :wink:

Well lets say if I need a dark stack then I pick cause my roster is what it is. But if I need a mana controller we will come after Hansel or Merlin.

Yes, I also bring both sometimes, but Proteus 3 mana stop is more usefull for me and for my playstyle.

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